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The Lord Weird Slough Feg
The Slay Stack Crows: Early Demos And Live Recordings
December 2009
Released: 2008, Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I have always appreciated compilations like this one. Many compilations are loosely thrown together as a financial deal or obligation to the label. This collection on the other hand is extremely well done. Slough Feg have perfectly encapsulated what a compilation should be with this quality Double Disc set.

Keeping with their tradition of having somewhat odd album titles, THE SLAY STACK CROWS, presents a chronological overview of the first decade of their career from their 1990 demo THE WHITE TAPE through to an amusing live interview in Germany in 2000. There are many demos, various live shows, unreleased tracks and cover tunes worked into the various live sets. When I think of cult, underground US metal acts I tend to think of these guys and this fantastic retrospective goes a long way to reinforce that sentiment. I mean, who covers the band, Legend? Who even knows who Legend were in the first place? These San Francisco guys are freakin’ cool and always will be doing what they do, no matter what trends come and go.

The package is great with full-on lyrics, tons of photos, notes, pictures of old flyers and so on. The sound quality ranges from not great to adequate but that's what demos and live shows generally are. There is lots of material here for old fans or new fans. The band is quite unique and that is hard to say these days. Their crunchy EARLY 80’s mid-paced metal, avant-garde lyrics (that pre-date the current viking/folk/pirate craze by at least 10 years) and down to earth production and quirky presentation make for a truly enjoyable listening experience. This is a great set for any fan and maybe even a good starting point for newer fans who have found it hard to access their underground material. Either way, I’d recommend it.
Track Listing

Disc One

Demo (1990)

1. War Spasm
2. Marauder
3. Sheets Of Red
4. With Thoughts Of Sympathy
5. Slough Feg
6. Journey Through The Halls Of Insanity
7. Highlander
8. Highway Corsair
9. The Rock Song

Live 1990

10. Marauder
11. Sheets Of Red
12. Journey Through The Halls Of Insanity
13. Slough
14. Breakin' The Law (Judas Priest cover)
15. Warp Sapsm

Demo 1994

16. Highway Corsair
17. Highlander

Disc Two

Live 1999

1. Highlander
2. Fergus McRoach
3. Cauldron Of blood

Live 2000

4. Sky Chariots
5. 20th Century Wretch
6. The Wickerman
7. Warriors Dawn
8. Traders And Gunboats
9. Wizards Vengeance (Legend cover)

Live 2002

10. High Passage, Low Passage
11. Asteroid Belts
12. Professor's Theme
13. Heavy Metal Hunter (Metalucifer cover)
14. Walls Of Shame
15. Death Machine

16. Radio Interview 2000


Many various line-ups.
Mike Scalzi (Founder, Guitar, Vocals)

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