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The Legion
November 2003
Released: 2003, Listenable Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sweden is better... at least what comes to a creating of a sheer technical and infamous Black Metal chaos. The satanic Swedish icon-mashers of all holy, The Legion, made a big impression to Laurent Merle, the boss of French extreme metal label Listenable Records, by the band´s 5-song mini-CD, AWAKENED FURY, and Laurent offered a major deal to them without hesitating too long.

The very first fruit out of the deal between The Legion and Listenable Records has been baptized by an unholy name, UNSEEN TO CREATION that contains 10 devastating and all holy wrecking and angels-raping Black Metal outbursts that are enough to prove these furious and young men´s potentiality and devotion to bring their own armageddon´ish sounds of war to the ultimate climax.

As for The Legion´s ravishing Black metal sound, to me they honestly sound like a long-lost little cousin of Dark Funeral. They indeed have so many similarities to Dark Funeral´s dark world of sounds that it´s almost impossible to say who is who. I guess it´s even fair to say that Dark Funeral is one of those bands for the dudes in The Legion –camp that they obviously have been listening to Dark Funeral albums relatively devotedly at least at some point of their life and sucked some vital elements straight from them into the darkened soup of The Legion through their own extended straws. At times, they sound just like Dark Funeral or more Dark Funeral than Dark Funeral are actually capable of sounding from themselves (well, I admit now I did exaggerate a little bit, heh!). But anyway, if someone introduced me some The Legion songs off from UNSEEN TO CREATION as some brand-new cuts from Dark Funeral, I think I would probably buy it as the fact. I assumable wouldn´t query this person´s honesty a bit IF I hadn´t heard some of The Legion stuff before in advance. I guess even the true extreme metal experts necessarily wouldn´t make a difference between these two bands; they honestly sound just frighteningly alike. And frighteningly damn fuckin´ good, too.

Despite of what I said about them above, I really do like very much what they have done on their debut full-length album musically ´coz Dark Funeral happens to be one of my very favorite slanders of religious people and religious things in general from Sweden. The Legion´s master recipe for an extremely well-executed and catchy Black Metal smells and tastes really appealing to me and therefore I can honestly say that I´m glad that Laurent introduced me to these talented and totally musically crushing Black Metal horde. Great fuckin´ stuff and shall Christ weep even more now...
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Retribution
03. Those Beyond
04. Redeemer
05. Cosmopathic Deathvoid
06. Knee-Deep in Blood
07. On Swift Wings
08. Ascendancy
09. Awakened Fury
10. Invoking the End
11. Rise of the Fallen


Tiwaz - Guitars & effects
Dragutivonic - Battery
Anders - Vocals
Svartz - Guitars & backing vocals
Lars - Bass

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