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The Legion
Unseen to Creation
January 2004
Released: 2003, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.3/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

The Legion is a relatively new black metal band hailing from somewhere in Scandinavia. Forming in 1999, they have engaged in some precision bombing with a few demos and mini-CDs, but UNSEEN TO CREATION is their first full-length album, and it’s an excellent maiden voyage.

This band definitely bears allegiance to the classic forms of Norwegian black metal. However, they seem to value the idea of bringing traditional black metal into a more modern vibe. This is not a deliberate imitation of badly-produced, icy, cacophonous Mayhem and Darkthrone-styled stuff, but neither is it the slick, glitzy, melodic “false black metal” such as Dimmu and bands of that ilk have offered. UNSEEN TO CREATION tears forward with eleven red-blooded tracks, all very angry and aggressive, but with some melodic and thought-provoking elements. “Redeemer” is a particular highlight, and I loved the downtuned, doomy feeling of “Cosmopathic Deathvoid.” I’m a sucker for that “epic” sound, and the most epic-sounding track on the album is probably “On Swift Wings,” which is really a show-stopper. While its beginning is not that remarkable, by the later stretches of the album Legion manages to compete effectively with the likes of Immortal and Marduk for kinetic, listenable but still very traditional-sounding interpretations of the black metal genre. I liked this album the more times I heard it, and more intricacies in its layers of sound become evident upon repeated exposure.

The musicianship in this band is excellent. I single out Anne “Ahrijan” Marek on bass and Emil Dragutinovic on the skins for particular praise. Good drumming is one of the secret backbones of a great black metal band, and these two work well together; I especially liked that the band let Ms. Marek’s talent shine with some solo stuff now and again, particularly on intros. The influence of Tommy Tägtgren (this album was recorded at Abyss Studios) is plainly evident in the production and style of the album, which is very technically-proficient and listenable.

The Legion are still new, and don’t have quite the range or power of Immortal or some of the other current tops of the black metal genre, but I certainly wouldn’t count them out as having the potential to rise to that level. UNSEEN TO CREATION is an excellent first album, and any metalhead on the prowl for new black metal ought to give it a try.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Retribution
3. Those Beyond
4. Redeemer
5. Cosmopathic Deathvoid
6. Knee-Deep In Blood
7. On Swift Wings
8. Ascendancy
9. Awakened Fury
10. Invoking The End
11. Rise of the Fallen


David Svartz -- guitar, vocals
Rikard “Tiwaz” Kottelin -- guitar
Anne “Ahrijan” Marek -- bass
Emil Dragutinovic -- drums



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