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The Last Vegas
Eat Me
March 2016
Released: 2016, AFM Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

After the debacle that is the newest album from Reckless Love, The Last Vegas stepped into fill the void with some quality sleaze metal and flashes of glam. Chicago’s own sons have delivered a welcome and decidedly American take on good ‘ole sleaze metal that features one helluva crappy album cover. Fortunately, the music helps compensate for this. What is interesting is how much 70s hard rock influence shines through on EAT ME. You get elements of Kiss & Aerosmith but also a definite Buckcherry/L.A. Guns vibe with a dash of GNR.

“Bloodthirsty” opens the album with its punky sleaze metal, and basic driving rhythm. Chad Cherry’s vocals definitely remind me of Phil Lewis but musically there are other modern bands that have inspired these guys, like Vains of Jenna. “Here We Go Again” is pretty damn catchy and rockin’, definitely the type of song you use to get the party started. Dirty guitars and speed are the band’s preferred approach, but there are ballads. “Universe You” is one of them that slows things down a bit, with its obvious hint to “For The Movies” by Buckcherry. While a decent song, it really is much different stylistically than the rest of the album. The other ballad, “Love’s Got Nothing On Me” is respectable and sounds more like the rest of the band’s songs.

There is a lot to like and appreciate on EAT ME, but there are flaws as well. The main one is that it is inconsistent. There are some good songs and some songs that are more obviously filler which start to emerge near the album. One such tune is the rather bland “To Be Treated” as well as album closer “From Hell”, another stylistic departure into the realm of moody NIN droning. Overall, this is a band that deserves monitoring and quite capable of generating some buzz around their brand of sleaze metal. However, this album feels a bit rushed, with some rough edges that will need to be smoothed out for the band to climb the heap on the next album. Recommended for fans of Vains of Jenna, L.A. Guns, and Buckcherry.
Track Listing

01. Bloodthirsty

02. Here We Go Again

03. Universe & You

04. Hot Fudge

05. Along For The Ride

06. Voodoo Woman

07. Love’s Got Nothing On Me

08. Hard To Get Over (You’re So)

09. To Be Treated

10. Anything It Takes

11. From Hell


Chad Cherry – vocals
Adam Arling – guitar
Johnny Wator – guitar
Bryan Wilkinson – guitar
Danny Smash – bass
Nathan Arling – drums



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