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The Last Hangmen
Servants of Justice
September 2011
Released: 2011, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Here we are, 16 years after At the Gates opened the melodic death metal floodgates with SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL (that’s a highly simplified history, I know) and there are still new bands popping up every year with their take on the genre. To be sure, most of them are absolute rubbish and not worth the time, but there are always a couple that, while not reinventing the wheel, at least have a worthwhile take on the genre, either through quality song writing or some other factor. With that in mind, let’s say hello to Germany’s The Last Hangmen, a new entry in the melodic death metal annals. The band only formed two years ago, but has already gotten themselves together enough to release their debut album to the masses.

Knowing that SERVANTS OF JUSTICE deals in melodic death metal, your tolerance will vary based on your willingness to hear this particular genre in 2011. However, I can assure you that The Last Hangmen are one of the few worth hearing. Right from the start, I will tell you that there is nothing new added to the cause on this album. However, the band has undeniable enthusiasm for their chosen style and that energy comes across in the music. Somehow they manage to make melodic death metal sound fresh, despite all the clichés on display. Having said that, the band does try to improvise some change, most notably on the ten-minute “Knocking Down Tombstones” which incorporates not only some black metal influences but several time changes. It’s quite a feat that the song never feels boring – it’s actually the highlight of the album!

As I said, you know exactly what you’re getting with The Last Hangmen: melodic death metal played powerfully and with at least an attempt at expanding the genre. For fans of the style, this is heartily recommended.
Track Listing

1) Gallows March
2) Lupara Bianca
3) The Hypocrite
4) Crash Course Dying
5) Little Ease
6) Hang ‘em High
7) Knocking Down Tombstones
8) Cloak and Dagger Operation
9) Withdraw the Hangmen!


Pether: Vocals
Stefan: Rhythm Guitar
Simon: Lead Guitar
Soren: Bass
Ronny Garz: Drums

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