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The Jasser Arafats
April 2010
Released: 2010, Violent Journey Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A band name like The Jasser Arafats makes one at least a teeny-weeny interested in checking out what kind of band we might possibly be dealing with here, right? I guess one can already bet right away they surely don´t come from any Arabic-Islamic countries due to a band name like that, uh!

Indeed, they don´t but from Finland instead. Finns' own Jasser Arafats have been causing a pretty decent amount of fuss not only here on our home ground with their aggressive and intense live shows but also by touring both in Sweden and Norway together with Mexican death commandos Into Sickness already some time ago. Recording-wise, these furious soldiers of death 4-song promo also reached the headquarter of Finnish indie label Violent Journey Records in 2009, and soon the band was snapped up under their roster.

CONDEMNATION, featuring 12 tracks all in all, is indeed a surprisingly tight package of modern sounding, violent death/thrash. Each song on CONDEMNATION sounds like the guys haven´t rushed things too much but actually put quite some time into building up their songs into the form they are presented on their debut album – with the exception of a huge adrenaline rush of course that goes through the entire album like a stampede of wild buffaloes, running for their life - and destroying everything on their way to their final doom. For that – the adrenaline rush part I mean, they have no control at all, which is definitely a positive thing on their debut album. Overall, a tight control instrumental-wise, is the keyword for a pretty ear-pleasing result on this record – and when the band hammers down finally for example such songs as “Ritual of Justice” and “Kaos”, the listener´s eardrums seem to get kinda tight by getting a double overdose of unrelenting aggression and untamed musical violence. Well, at least sort of.

The Jasser Arafats is a quite impressive act as far as all that tightness they have in their playing, is concerned anyway. However, they don´t offer anything new, or superlatively different to the metal genre, but still manage to be enjoyable and attractive enough to be checked out.
Track Listing

01. Crawl to...
02. Condemnation
03. Empty Horizon
04. Gun = Life
05. Price
06. Diseased
07. Checkmate
08. Ritual of Justice
09. Stillborn
10. Alone
11. Axis Reborn
12. Kaos


Jari Kurki - Vocals
Max Pekkonen - Guitar
Jarkko Tasala - Guitar
Lauri Antila - Bass
Jack O Hell - Drums

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