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The Infernal Sea
The Great Mortality
September 2016
Released: 2016, Cacophnous Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Four years ago, black metallers The Infernal Sea released 'Call of the Augur' to a small fan base and only shifted 100 CDs. 3 minor releases and a heap of UK gigs up their sleeves, East England's plague doctors have concocted and released their second dose, 'The Great Mortality', except this time, they are signed to the legendary underground Cacophonous Records, and many a beady eye are on the band to see what they produce.

Across forty minutes, the four piece make one thing clear- their roots are firmly planted in the early 90s style- basing their sound around ringing eerie chords, incessant drumming and filthy vocal styles. Nevertheless, TIS aren't too timid to explore and experiment. Strings and expressive vocals make an interesting addition to 'The Bearer', but the majority of tracks remain riff based and straight up black metal.

The band never lose their disgusted spirit, but the grind that makes this record engaging during the first few tracks runs out of fuel and means that the magic is somewhat lost towards later tracks such as the slow paced 'Plague Herald'.

This isn't to say that this brethren don't create a nocturnal atmosphere, but it is disappointing that a band with such a unique live concept (the use of eerie plague masks) have produced an album that dozens of other bands of their ilk could have made too

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Den sorte dod
2. Way of the Wolf
3. The Bearer
4. Purification by Fire
5. Pestmeester
6. Entombed in Darkness
7. Plague Herald
8. Brethren of the Cross


Geoff Taha - Bass
James Burke- Drums
Jonathan Egmore- Guitars
Dean Lettice- Vocals

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