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The Hellacopters
Head Off
August 2008
Released: 2008, Psychout Records/Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

After delivering many many years of Rock’n’roll is it now time for The Hellacopters to quit. The sad news that Swedens best rock’n’roll act were about to quit came at the beginning of the year and now is the sad moment here. This is the bands farewell album and they are currently out on a farewell tour around Sweden. I have followed the band since the beginning and no one is sadder than me that they’re quitting. Well, the bands music has developed from being dirty, raw and diesel-smelling rock’n’roll with a nasty production to a more polished sound picture as well as a lighter form of rock influenced by soul.

They’re about to follow up the last studio album ROCK’N’ROLL IS DEAD from 2005 and to be honest I haven’t been that blown away by the bands later albums. But again, it’s hard not to like Nicke Andersson and crew and even if the later albums haven’t been the most exiting ones have the band always delivered on stage.

HEAD OFF is nothing but a cover album where the band has done covers of some of their favorite songs and bands. We find songs by Dead Moon, Maharajas, Peepshows, Robots, New Bomb Turks etc. All of the bands have got some sort of connection to The Hellacopters but despite these songs are written by other bands it feels like they’ve could have been written by Andersson. If you’re into The Hellacopters later albums where they have glanced a lot at the 60’s and 70’s rock and soul scene I’m sure you’re gonna like this album.

The material feels though I bit uneven and there are some songs that don’t say much and there are those who are simply great. Songs of the later category are “Electrocute”, “Midnight Angels”, “In The Sign Of The Octopus”, “Making Up For Last Time”, “I’m Watching You”, “Veronica Lake”, “I Just Don’t Know About Girls” and “Throttle Bottom”. Those songs sound just like The Hellacopters have done on their best days. Few of them are really heavy rock songs with catchy choruses.

I had wished for a little dirtier and more bruised production and it’s hard to believe that produced Chips K haven’t gotten out more rawness of the guys with thought of that he is an experienced rock producer.

I have always loved this band and always will love them and even though a cover album is a little strange way of saying good bye on it feels like a worthy ending for a band like this.
Track Listing

Midnight Angels
I’m Watching You
No Salvation
In The Sign Of The Octopus
Veronica Lake
Another Turn
I Just Don’t Know About Girls
Making Up For Lost Time
Throttle Bottom
Darling Darling


Nicke Andersson – lead vocals, guitar
Robert Dahlqvist – guitar, b-vox
Kenny Håkansson – bass
Robert Eriksson – drums b-vox
Anders Boba Lindström – keyboards, organ

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