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The Great Sabatini
Napoleon Sodomite
March 2011
Released: 2011, Sludge Hummer
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

All right, how can you not love a title like NAPOLEON SODOMITE? Such is the title of the new 7” offering from Quebec’s The Great Sabatini. It’s a three track deal released under the band’s own Sludge Hummer imprint and is another great example of why this band is building some serious cred in underground circles. If you’re not familiar with The Great Sabatini, imagine if you will an aural combination of doom sludge, groove metal, progressive experimentation and a few hits of psychotropic hallucinogens tossed into a blender and set on puree. Sounds interesting, right? Well so does NAPOLEON SODOMITE.

The Sabatini boys have a handful of EPs and a full length, SAD PARADE OF YESTERDAYS, already under their collective belt, and this new 7” continues in the tradition of DIY noise rock associated with these previous releases. The title track has a fat, swaggering riff that if played by any other band in the proper key, it’d probably sound like some cheap L.A. cock rock outfit. But the discordant rock swing underneath the shrieking vocal howls makes it unnervingly awesome. “Helter Skeletor” Is a brief banjo/synth/kick drum interlude (bet you’d never imagine that combination) that leads into the instrumental “Trap Sequence.” A bottom heavy number laced with some high end guitar noise, it’s probably the best representation of the band’s unique musical style.

Being only a 7”, NAPOLEON SODOMITE is sadly at a conclusion just as you’re getting into the vibe, but that’s kind of the intent – always leave ‘em wanting more. It’s a quick teaser that I wish had been fleshed out a little more to at least an EP’s worth of material, and I think that might limit the appeal of NAPOLEON SODOMITE in the long run. But hey, a good time is a good time, and The Great Sabatini is a good time. NAPOLEON SODOMITE won’t be available for purchase until April 15, but don’t let that hold you back from checking out any of the band’s other releases in the meantime.
Track Listing

1. Napoleon Sodomite
2. Helter Skeletor
3. Trap Sequence


Sean Sabatini - Guitar/Vocals
Rob Sabatini - Guitar/Vocals
Joey Sabatini - Bass/Vocals
Will Sabatini – Drums

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