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The Great Khan
The Great Khan
August 2012
Released: 2012, GB records/ Greg Buzzer
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Greg buzzer’s second project offering “The great Khan” is an album with great flourishes of rock’s great diversity. Formed in Israel in 2011, the project’s band soon recorded the self titled album, soon after in 2012, which has the Spirit of the 70’s groove tunes running through is like a constant zest. The enticement of the tracks is like listening to a full throttle fuzzy haze that is chromatically pleasantly harmonised.

Opening with the percussion led precision into the gallivanting behaviours of driving rock. “Eye for an eye” introduces a southern drenched traditional rock formula with the jazz organ with the complimentary twelve-bar bluesy feel. With the recognisable stylings similar to Southern rock artists such as Dessert sessions, Orange goblin, Rebel meets rebel. With the entrancing bass lines that are orchestrated to blues groove perfection.

The second track “Can’t you see?” sounds like something straight out of early hawkwind, combining the mixture of traditional lyrical themes with hazy tonnes is a welcoming track. With the follow up number “papa was an alligator” bursts into a beautifully progressive track that sends you into a danceable frenzy.

“No.4” doesn’t let the simple naming let the track down with the straight into narrative lyrical styling it is sublimely synchronised with the rest of the album, which is on a journey straight out of a Route 66 scrapbook with the free spirit attitude. “Lay me down” gets more relaxed as the track mixes the technique of chicken picking banjos layered with a lot of things to listen to, with the over complication of the tracks content.

With the second to last song “Dia de los Muertos” with the opening trumpet orchestration, fits back in with the overall style. The Album Closes on a showdown style song with the self titled “The Great Khan”. The finale is a great power punch of Rush sounding keyboard flair and an epic play out solo that makes you want to listen to the while album again.Although the sound levels within the album have focused on song writing skills over production, this album does have the quality of being a seductively cool piece of original, interesting fuzz rock.

Review by Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

1 - Eye for an eye
2 - Can’t you see?
3 - Papa was an alligator
4 - No.4
5- Lay me down
6- Dia de los Muertos
7 - Rise of Khan


Guitars; bass; vocals-Greg Buzzer
Drums-Rom Gov
Keyboards- TroSS

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