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The Great Kat
Extreme Guitar Shred (DVD)
July 2005
Released: 2005, TPR Music
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

The Great Kat…whoa, boy! Somehow I had never heard of her prior to the release of her new DVD, EXTREME GUITAR SHRED, and after witnessing the spectacle of this very unique human being, all I can say is…actually, I’m speechless. Touted as being among the “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” by GUITAR ONE magazine, the DVD certainly does showcase her prowess with a six-string but the spectacle that she creates is so over-the-top, so extreme, and, frankly, so ludicrous, that any talent she possesses is completely overshadowed. Her claim to fame is that she translates classical music into heavy metal guitar and plays the movements at hypersonic speed. Those tracks, as dizzying to listen to as they may be, are certainly a reflection of her obvious talent. It is during the non-classical interpretations where things devolve into a ridiculous sideshow.

“Zapateado,” a re-working of a piece by 19th century Spanish violinist/composer Pablo DeSarasate, sees The Great Kat in a bikini and fishnet stockings looking menacing in warrior makeup as she saws away at her violin and guitar with American propaganda images behind her. She can play—no doubt there—and she ain’t hard on the eyes, either. What follows puts GWAR’s theatrics to shame. On tracks like “Torture Chamber,” The Great Kat screeches and hollers what might be words while demeaning her slaves who, naturally, worship and ravage her when released from their restraints. In the video for “Castration,” The Great Kat, disguised as a Geisha, belly dancer and doctor overpowers the leering men and proceeds to, you guessed it, sever their testicles only to play with them and then store them in jars. Fake blood flows like wine and the budget of these videos amounts to what an eight-year old kid gets for a weekly allowance but they must have been a hoot to make. A live performance with The Great Kat beating her disciples to a pulp on stage between licks has to be seen to be believed and the imagery of “War” will have even the most patriotic Yank turning away from the Holocaust footage. As for the “Bonus Features,” a thirty-second photo montage, a blink-and-you-miss-it glossary and a link to The Great Kat’s website rounds things out.

Overall, the EXTREME GUITAR SHRED DVD is not even fifteen minutes long (including the “bonus features”) and at the bargain-basement price of only $8.00, one may be yours by visiting The Great Kat’s website. Reviews are plastered everywhere there crowing about this DVD with 10/10 ratings abound but these people must be both deaf and blind or at the very least, totally retarded. The Great Kat is obviously a unique individual with some amazing talent however this is truly bizarre stuff and quite awful to listen to. For the morbidly curious, visit for teaser clips.
Track Listing

1. Zapateado
2. Torture Chamber
3. Castration
4. Live In Chicago
5. Dominatrix
6. War

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The Great Kat—Vocals/Guitar/Violin


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