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The Great Kat
Bloody Vivaldi
December 2016
Released: 1998, Indie
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

This month (December 2016) I've been reviewing lots of Christmas Metal albums, (13 to be exact) most of which are blends of Metal and classical/ Christmas songs. Frankly all those wimpy Christmas songs left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I wanting more, so it is time to revisit the one true originator of the Metal-Classical interbreeding...THE GREAT KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BLOODY VIVALDI is quintessential hyper-speed, hyper shred by the great one herself. Ultra-technical virtuosity combined with inhuman shrieks these classical interpretations will cave in your skull. Reading the S&M inspired lyrics in the booklet for the track 'torture Chamber' gave me a little tingle. The orchestral and violence mixes with flair in this very well produced EP.

Any writer giving anything less than a perfect score of five out of five to anything produced by THE GREAT KAT would instantly expose and betray themselves as a total poser, one unable to comprehend the majesty and glory of THE GREAT KAT!!!! ...BUT(!) once again I deduct a half-mark for for a painfully short eight-minute EP. I guess the average Metal fans can't handle more than ten minutes of THE GREAT KAT!!!!! before their head implodes! It is the only logical explanation why this EP is so short.
Track Listing

1. Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" for Violin, Chamber Orchestra & Band
2. Torture Chamber
3. Blood
4. Sarasota's "Carmen Fantasy'" for Violin & Band


The Great Kat-Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Ingegno- Bass
Lionel Cordew - Drums


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