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A Girl Named Cerveza
September 2014
Released: 2012, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

You can never only have one tankard of beer, so I have reviewed the last couple of Tankard albums this month. Check out my review of R.I.B. as well!

Like clockwork Tankard are back with a summer album of boozy, beer-fueled thrash. Album number 15 sees the band fired up as always and cranking out pure Teutonic thrash treats. The album cover, like most of their covers, is hilarious and it ties in with the overall theme of the crime of stealing beer and alcohol related crime. The booklet is well-designed and quite funny and the band still really have no time for being political correct in their lyrics. The lyrics for ‘The Metal Ladyboy’ are a fine example of the band having fun and not worrying about offended people. Of course there are many songs about drinking, alcohol, beer, parties etc… If there were not we would all be disappointed!

Musically, the band are on course with the last seven or eight albums, not much has changed as the quartet forge ahead with their flawless blend of thrash, lots of speed, simple beats, roaring vocals and great solos. The band has switched to Nuclear Blast after a five-album stint on AFM Records, but I don’t think anyone noticed, except maybe the bands accountant. The 10-song album is under an hour and blurs by like every Tankard album, never getting too experimental or weird.

Gerre voice is so unique and timeless, as he delivers the raw songs with lots of help in the backing gang vocals. This time Doro Persch drops by for some guest vocals on the aforementioned ‘Metal Ladyboy’. There is just something about the always classy Doro singing on a song about falling in with a transgender, stripper, and former kick-boxer, from Thailand that just seems…right. That is the Tankard sense of humour that is always so appealing.

I admit I would be hard pressed to easily identify any dramatic difference in style tone, tempo, or delivery or sound of A GIRL NAMED CERVEZA from the last seven or eight Tankard albums, but that is a good thing. It’s hard to believe that 2012 was the bands 30th anniversary, creating 15 albums with virtually no misfires and very few lineup changes, make Tankard one of the most prolific, longest-running thrash bands of all time. This new album is yet another example why their beer-inspired, alcohol-fuelled, party-thrash will never die.
Track Listing

1. Rapid Fire (A Tyrant's Elegy)
2. A Girl Called Cerveza
3. Witch-Hunt 2.0
4. Masters of Farces
5. The Metal Ladyboy
6. Not One Day Dead (But Mad One Day)
7. Son of a Fridge
8. Fandom at Random
9. Metal Magnolia
10. Running on Fume


Gerre Vocals
Andy Gutjahr Guitar
Frank Thorwarth Bass
Olaf Zissel Drums

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