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Tangent Plane
Project Elimi
May 2011
Released: 2011, 7 Hard Productions
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Tangent Plane has been around for a long time now - they released their debut EP way back in 1996 (!). After that the German’s went silent, finally rearing their heads again with a full-length called AMONG GREY MASKS in 2008. Now they’re back again with a new album called PROJECT ELIMI (huh?).

Progressive metal is the name of the game for Tangent Plane and, as you might have guessed from their roots back in the early ‘90s, they are heavily influenced by the classic Dream Theater style of the genre. Right away that’s a big problem for the band as the absolutely enormous number of bands that have come out emulating IMAGES AND WORDS – most of them doing it badly – suggests that Tangent Plane won’t add anything new to this overcrowded field. Unfortunately for the band, they DO manage to “add” something to progressive metal; utterly atrocious song writing. This is the type of band that detractors point to when they say that progressive bands just cut & paste random riffs together and call it a song. Seriously, take one listen to the ridiculously titled “Borrow Me Your Dullness” and try and tell me that it flows logically – you can’t.

I will grant that the band members are all talented players, but no one is good enough to make up for the brutal songs. Worse, vocalist Jan Michaelis seems intent on constantly over emoting, making every song an exercise in tolerance.

PROJECT ELIMI is so grating that I can’t even see how hardcore prog-metal fans will enjoy it. With so many quality acts competing in such a packed genre, there’s little chance that Tangent Plane can make a good impression.
Track Listing

1) One Month in Real Time
2) One With the Lies
3) Ice Age
4) Borrow Me Your Dullness
5) Do You Live
6) Deadborn
7) One Moment and the Murder After
8) Project Elimi


Jan Michaelis: Vocals
Pierro Pelligrino: Guitar
Ralph Swan Krieger: Keyboards
Kostas Kontos: Bass
Dennis Hoffman: Drums

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