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The Foreshadowing
Days of Nothing
May 2008
Released: 2007, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Hailing from the land of copycat power metal, Italy, comes a new band called The Foreshadowing. As you might guess from their name, they don’t quite fit in with the typical perception of Italian metal music, as they are about as far away from happy-Helloween power metal that you can get. Instead The Foreshadowing bring us their particular brand of gloomy, depressing doom metal, more along the lines of what you expect from Firebox/Firedoom Records. Indeed, the sound these six Italians have is quite the wrist-slitting experience.

The second that the mournful guitars of “Cold Waste” open the album, it’s clear that this is not going to be a cheerful listen. The band aims to play apocalyptic, anti-humanity music, and they succeed immediately. Admittedly The Foreshadowing isn’t doing anything particularly new here, but the conviction the put into their music is so palpable that you can forgive any lack of originality. The trick is that somehow the band makes such melancholic music accessible and memorable, layering the rainy guitars with subtle hooks that pull you in. Personally I attribute this to the band’s longevity because although this is their first release, they’ve been slowing putting together the pieces since 1999, with many of the members involved in other bands (How Like a Winter being the most notable). The experience is obvious.

The band’s ace in the hole however has got to be vocalist Marco Benevento. His sonorous tenor is instantly memorable as he flawlessly delivers his grief-laden tales. Check out his performance on the grinding ballad “Departure” for proof. His work is so good it helps you forget that the band isn’t really doing anything new or noteworthy.

While the band aren’t quite ready to compete with the My Dying Bride’s or Swallow the Sun’s of the world quite yet, they are well on their way. DAYS OF NOTHING is an excellent first step that hopefully gets the band noticed.
Track Listing

1) Cold Waste
2) The Wandering
3) Death is Our Freedom
4) Departure
5) Eschaton
6) Last Minute Train
7) Ladykiller
8) The Fall
9) Days of Nothing
10) Into the Lips of the Earth


Marco Benevento: Vocals
Alessandro Pace: Guitar
Andrea Chiodetti: Guitar
Francesco Sosto: Keyboards
Davide Pesola: Bass
Johan Pedella: Drums

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