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The Duskfall
The Dying Wonders of the World
February 2008
Released: 2007, Massacre Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The Swedish/Finnish act The Duskfall is back with their latest effort called THE DYING WONDERS OF THE WORLD. It is the follow up to the 2005 release LIFETIME SUPPLY OF GUILT. The latest edition to the band is the bass player Matte Jarnil (Lost Souls, 21st Impact) who replaced Marco Eronen. The founder of the band, guitarist Sandorf, describes The Duskfall with three words – intensity, melody and aggression, which actually are three words that pretty much sum up what The Duskfall are about.

This fourth disc is all about delivering fast and melodic modern death metal which is both technical and well executed. The pace is really fast and the music has a lot of complexity and twists and turns. Heavy mean blasting guitar riffs are combined with easier listening keyboard strokes but the involvement of the keyboards doesn’t mean that the music lacks or looses heaviness. The Duskfall runs through 9 songs and the 40 minutes go as fast as a train and most of the songs are brilliant. The talented Daniel Bergstrand has produced this masterpiece and he has produced everything but guitar and bass which is produced by Michael Hahne. The mastering was done by Achim Kohler and everyone knows that name is synonymous with excellence.

Despite the band’s brutal music and approach the members and producers have found a slice of sensitivity in the music which they have incorporated in the best possible way. Well, this can’t get much better and I bow to The Duskfall who once again make me glad I’m Swedish.
Track Listing

Paradises into Deserts
The Wheel and the Backlight
Deep in Your World
Some More Sin On My Burden
Shadows and Cancer
Bring us Your Infected
The option and the Poison
Sealed with a Fist
I’ve Only got Knives for You


Mikael Sandorf – guitar
Oskar Karlsson – drums
Kai Jaakkola – lead vocals
Antti Lindholm – guitar
Matte Jarnil – bass

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