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The Duskfall
May 2003
Released: n/a, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

It is time for a little round-up of some of the release from late 2002 on the respected Greek label, Black Lotus. Known for championing extreme styles over the years they have unleashed another four releases which I will touch on each briefly. They include new discs by The Duskfall, Scent of Flesh, Greek Black Metal super-group Thou Art Lord and the return of Horrified! To learn more about this label and it’s quality stable of extreme artists visit

There are not too many Northern European bands on Black Lotus but these Swedes are among the first. Founded as a solo project of Mikael Sandorf after the ill-fated Gates of Ishtar, the band struggled for several years with the usual route of demos and line-up changes. In spring 2002 on the strength of demo the band was given a shot at glory by the Greek label.

The world is a better place for it because The Duskfall have delivered 10 tracks of just awesome 80’s style death slammed together with rock and roll. The solos are classic as are the drumming, just heads down rock and roll style with lots of groove. The vocals and production are much more modern with hints of Gothenburg styles, namely raw but discernable vocals.

The presentation of this young band is excellent with one of the nicest packages I have seen in a long time. The insert paper with the lyrics are on a sort of fibrous, opaque rice-paper interspersed with a twisted graphic by artists Seth , whose style is very reminiscent of Travis Smith. Oddly enough there are no pictures of the band at all.

The production is immaculate, quite loud, guitars heavy and upfront and as a treat Lawrence MacKrory of Darkane appears as a guest vocalist on the title track.

Fans of a heavier Gothenburg style with ripping solos would be pleased with this disc. A very competent blend of thrash and death and rock ‘n’ roll. I liked it a lot!
Track Listing

1. The Light
2. Age of Errors
3. Agoraphobic
4. Poison The Waters
5. None
6. Farewell Song
7. Frailty
8. Tune of Slaughtered Hearts
9. Just Follow
10. Deliverance


Kai Jaakkola-Vocals
Mikeal Sandorf-Guitar
Glenn Svensson-Guitar
Kaj Molin-Bass
Oskar Karlsson-Drums



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