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The Drip
A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics
June 2014
Released: 2014, Relapse Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

This is the third EP in the last four years for this prolific grindcore crew out of Richland, Washington. The Drip metamorphosed out of a little-known death metal group called Mortal Remains which released its own EP back in 2007. Anyway, The Drip’s two previous EPs were self-released so they’ve obviously impressed the right people as they now have the respected Relapse Records behind them.

Although they classify themselves as grindcore, The Drip also have a straightforward brutal death metal vibe to their music, as the short, punchy songs here attest. In fact, each of the six songs whips by at warp speed at an average of 2-minutes apiece, making for a tidy 12-minute listen. With so little time to make an impact, the band has made sure that they hit hard, as each song does its best to rip your face off with violent riffs, pummeling rhythms, and poisonous vocals. Sadly, as crushing as the music is, it’s not very memorable. Every song blurs into the next, to the point that A PRESENTATION OF GRUESOME POETICS turns into a single 12-minute grindcore track. That may work for some, but it was damn tiring for me.

That said, The Drip is still a relatively new band so they have plenty of room to grow their song writing skills. Even now though, fans in the market for a pure musical beating will likely enjoy this EP.
Track Listing

1. Catalyst
2. Rise to Failure
3. Bygones Only Burn Ones
4. Black Screen
5. Siren
6. Lash In, Lash Out


Brandon Caldwell: Vocals
Bobby Mansfield: Guitar
Talon Yager: Bass
Shane Brown: Drums



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