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The Demonics
Demons On Wheels
April 2001
Released: 2000, Man`s Ruin
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

DISCLAIMER: This CD is NOT metal. So why am I reviewing it you ask? Well, for two reasons. One, ‘cause EvilG sent it to me, and two, because it fucking rocks!

The Demonics are a pure full-on rock band, and they make no bones about it. Ripping through 11 songs in about 30 minutes, they almost border on punk, but this CD is way more fun than any of those SoCal socialites could dream of. Interestingly, the disc is a concept album of sorts, as all the songs are tributes to 60’s biker “B” movies. Cool!

The Demonics may be a rock band, but they still find room to mix it up, from the speedballs with quick riffing like “She-Devils on Wheels” and “Fuel-Injected Suicide Machine” to the slower “ballad” (it’s not, but it’s the closest approximation) “Purple Hearts” to instrumental rock (“Dustin’ The Fuzz”) all the way to a frickin’ Beach Boys (!) rocker in “Little Honda”. Oh yeah, they also hit everything in between all of that. The band members are pure good time rockers that are not afraid to experiment a little bit, making the disc a very refreshing listen. This is simply the coolest rock CD I’ve heard in a long time.

Oh yeah, and just in case that’s not enough to persuade a metalhead to check these guys out, the guitars have just enough bite in them to kick a little ass amidst all of the partying. Looking for a quick respite from all of the heavy hitters you listen to? Don’t hesitate to “Race against the Dawn” with The Demonics!

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