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The Defaced
Domination Commence
December 2001
Released: 2001, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

Is The Defaced supposed to be just a typical "let's have another project band" type combo as featuring guys from Darkane and Soilwork, cos as far as I know they already have one project band in a row called Terror 2000 playing more straight forward thrash stuff. Well Terror 2000 mostly draws up all the influences from the 80's thrash assault and of course from the traditional heavy metal whereas The Defaced's focus is to stick more into the metal approach of the present time by having elements picked up from the aggressive ramming attitude metal genre. Actually it is kinda funny cos one of their influences from the attitude metal genre has been named Machine Head being the most leading name of that style anyway and to be honest obvious Machine Head elements definitely pop up more or less several times in the structures of the tracks. But fortunately these Swedish attitude metallers haven't started rapping yet like their exemplars, instead The Defaced's material could be pointed out to have certain heavy groovy similarities like with the classical "Burn My Eyes". Even though I keep referring them to Machine Head quite much, but the album is by all means not a second class Machine Head rip off, cos The Defaced's heavy and groovy bulldozing riffs raging throughout the 11-track album sounds damn fresh and definitely furious only proving the Swedish attitude metallers would have damn good chances to challenge most of crappy North American wanna-be attitude metallers and above all conquer the genre of that kind with their own defacing material. Let's hope they won't start doing rap and jumping like bunnies on the stage.
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