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The Dead
Ritual Executions
October 2010
Released: 2010, Diabolical Conquest Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

The Dead are a noisy bunch of Aussie's who formed in 2005 and have just released their new album RITUAL EXECUTION through Diabolical Conquest Records. The very primal, yet convincing cover art for RITUAL EXECUTIONS was drawn by vocalist Mike Yee.

On tracks like "Cannibal Abattoir" The Dead display a mish-mosh of different subgenres such as sludge, crust and grinding death metal. Keeping that in mind, it should come as not much of a surprise that the end result in terms of production sound like digitally distorted dogshit run over twice. The actual musicianship however makes up a bit for the shortcomings of the album's poorly crafted production. Drummer Morse is adept at shifting different tempos and offers up complex polyrhythmic drum fills, really just bashing the hell out of his snare and toms, and it works. "Born In A Grave" comes blasting out of the gate with blastbeats and tremolo picked guitars, giving a gracious nod towards the crustier side of Scandinavian black metal, even the vocals at times sound a little screechy in contrast to the death metal gurgling that comprise the album's other tracks. Is "Death Metal Suicide" a joke? This plodding instrumental track closes out RITUAL EXECUTIONS and sounds more like loud indie noise rock than anything remotely resembling what I'd call death metal. No double kick attacks, no cookie monster vocals set to horror themed lyrics, no staccato riffing.

Let the hammer fall, what we have here is seven poorly produced songs that sound like they were recorded through a boombox at the band's rehearsal space. RITUAL EXECUTIONS in my opinion, should only appeal to close friends of the band and select members of the underground death metal tape trading circuit who may be so jaded by poor production it's not even an issue. Though the musicianship and performance are executed well enough, I can't really give much of a nod to a product that sounds this botched. On a side note, RITUAL EXECUTIONS was re-mixed and re-masted by Aphotic Mote of the Australian death metal act Portal. Whether he is to blame for the end result of this record's production is anyone's guess, but I'd lean towards a sloppy engineering job and at the point of mixing it must have been like trying to polish a turd.
Track Listing

1. Burn Your Dead
2. Cannibal Abattoir
3. Centurion
4. Born in a Grave
5. Ritual Executions
6. Blood Angel
7. Death Metal Suicide


Mike Yee - Vocals
A.K. - Guitar, Bass
Morse - Drums

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The Dead
Ritual Executions
November 2010
Released: 2010, Diabolical Conquest Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Dead – this pretty disturbed and avantgard-ish sounding Death/Doom/Black Metal act from Down Under - released their 2nd studio album, titled RITUAL EXECUTIONS, in 2009 in a limited run of 100 copies only. Could any other band keep their music more underground than this, hah!

Now RITUAL EXECUTIONS has been re-released again by Indian label Diabolical Conquest Records in a much higher quantity (thank Satan and the other horned little devils for that) – and I am glad that this has happened. Namely RITUAL EXECUTIONS contains some of the most disturbed yet impressive and unorthodox material coming from Australian shores for a little while. To describe properly the band´s musical bicep that pumps twisted blood into the songs on this release, I would probably suggest people melt Incantation´s rawness and heaviness with some more creeping and sludgier parts of Hellhammer in their minds – added with a dose of primitive and chaotic, über-kvlt Norwegian Black Metal – and then putting it all through some bizarre painting of Picasso in order to get some sort of avantgarde-ish touch attached to it. In other words, RITUAL EXECUTIONS contains some really disturbing and bizarre material all in all, and it really needs to be heard to be believed.

This album pretty much leaves its listener for gasping for air; so breath taking and ultimately so hard an experience it does offer content-wise, ripping everyone´s face off slowly but so treacherously. Mike Yee´s gut-deep death grunts are some of the most amazing ones I´ve heard for a long time – and I simply cannot help admiring the guitar´s very crisp, down-tuned tone on this record. The whole musical atmosphere that they have succeeded in creating around the content of this record, is really oppressive and disturbing, in a good way. The album works out like a brimstone-filled pathway to your worst nightmares where there is no return from. Even the last, over 10-minute instrumental song, oddly titled “Death Metal Suicide”, reeks of some guilty pleasures that only a few dare to share with them without feeling depressed and thinking of cutting his/her wrists unconsciously.

So, are you ready for some ritual executions, The Dead being your host exclusively? If so, then just go for it…
Track Listing

01. Burn Your Dead
02. Cannibal Abottoir
03. Centurion
04. Born in a Grave
05. Ritual Executions
06. Blood Angel
07. Death Metal Suicide


Mike Yee - Vocals
Adam Keleher - Guitar and bass
Chris Morse - Drums

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