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Tales of the Tomb
Volume One: Morpras
December 2015
Released: 2015, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

With Macabre remaining fairly inactive for the last several years, there’s been a void in the murder metal scene. Enter Tales of the Tomb, an Edmonton death metal outfit ready to celebrate homicide and the gruesome characters who perpetrate the acts. Their just released debut EP, VOLUME ONE: MORPRAS is a maniacally catchy batch of tunes that should please fans of the grim and gruesome.

“Snowtown” centers on the namesake murders in South Australia in the late ‘90s, and is a surprisingly melodic affair. Offering some clean vocals and the occasional emo façade, it’s a total attention grabber. “The Pig Farmer” tells the tale of a lovely gent named Robert Pickton who operated in British Colombia and had a knack for making prostitutes disappear. It’s more straightforward grinder, with some hi/low vocal assaults and a fun sing-a-long chorus – “welcome to the pig farm/you have found the place of harm”. It’ll drill into your brain pretty quickly. The fun quickly comes to an end with “Dr. Death”, homage to everyone’s favorite physician, Harold Shipman. Honestly, this is a great track – a slow rolling dissonant riff presents a vibe closer to recent Gorgoroth or Taake than anything you’d expect from your token death/gore outfit.

As a 3-track EP, VOLUME ONE: MORPRAS is intended to be a teaser of things to come, and it totally succeeds in that respect. Subject matter aside, Tales of the Tomb have a knack for assembling quality riffs with smart lyrics first, and then wrapping it in a grisly package afterwards. VOLUME ONE: MORPROS should be available through the included Bandcamp link by the time you’re reading this; I’m ready to hear more from these guys.
Track Listing

1. Snowtown
2. The Pig Farmer
3. Dr. Death


Connor Adams - Vocals
Bryn Herbert – Bass, Vocals
Tres Thomas - Guitar
Corey Skerlak – Guitar, Vocals
John Thomson – Drums

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