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The Day Of The Beast
Relentless Demonic Intrusion
March 2012
Released: 2012, Canonical Hours Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

As of this writing, it’s 2012 and the thrash metal revival of the last decade continues unabated. We’ve seen the reunification of seemingly lost greats like Destruction, the continued success of those who have always kept the flag flying high (Overkill), and an apparently endless flood of new bands into the scene, plying the trade of their ‘80s forefathers. You can count Virginia Beach’s The Day Of The Beast among the new breed as the band a mere six years ago. Their self-titled debut full length was unleashed in 2008, RELENTLESS DEMONIC INTRUSION is their follow-up.

From the opening strains of the title track, it’s clear that the band is heavily influenced by the ‘80s thrash greats, both of the German and American variety. Indeed, if you imagine a crossing of Destruction and Slayer, you might come up with several of the songs on this album. This is OK though, as most bands are content to simply rehash their influences – The Day Of The Beast at least tries to put their own spin things. Musically, this means the band has taken some of the harsher, blast-beaten methods of death metal and brought them into their thrash base. The descending crush of the “chorus” in “Son of Draconis” is a perfect example of this as the band mashes it up against a very classic Slayer-styled verse structure to great effect. To that end, vocalist Steve Harris brings a very death metal-styled growl/bark to the music that adds some edge to the music while still being distinguishable.

Despite the band’s efforts, they are hindered again and again by, to these ears, their somewhat dull song writing. Except for the aforementioned “Son of Draconis”, few songs, riffs, or solos stick out and remain once the album is over. It’s certainly enjoyable enough while it’s on, but I never felt compelled to revisit again when it was off. For those that like a heavier edge to their thrash metal, RELENTLESS DEMONIC INTRUSION will satisfy, but I suspect this will be yet another good but not outstanding album lost in the flood of hundreds of similar releases.
Track Listing

1. Intro/Relentless Demonic Intrusion
2. Unknown Kadath
3. Cult of the Bloody Tongue
4. Son of Draconis
5. The Paralyzed Hand
6. As Steel Sharpens Steel
7. Static Cesspool
8. The Day of the Beast
9. Torch This Place


Steve Harris: Vocals
Eric Barlow: Guitar
Steve Redmond: Guitar
Justin Shaw: Bass
Jeremy Bradley: Drums

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