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The Crown
Deathrace King
June 2000
Released: 2000, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

As soon as the first killer track "Deathexplosion" ripped it's way from my speakers, I loved it! This is death thrash at it's peak of intensity before it lapses into chaotic noise!! The vocals have a hint of death metal mixed with a bit of Kreator-esque growling. The vocals could maybe use a bit of improvement but it's the guitars that make this for me. Track two "Executioner Slayer of the Light" is even more intense then the opener leaning slightly more towards the blackened death metal end of the spectrum. This band is NOT for the feint of heart and they are not trying to write melodic music. The aggression factor is the most important element.

If you like Defleshed then you're probably going to like this. For the most part this is straight-up blackened death metal but there's an obvious thrash influence and that's what gets my blood pumping! I'm sure these guys did some serious listening to Slayer in their formative years. The solos shred, this is not melodic shredding like Malmsteen, rather it's insane shredding like a more technical Slayer kind of soloing! The short but totally ripping solo in "Back From The Grave" is awesome! The track "Rebel Angel" sounded more like a death-rock tune from Entombed only played way up-tempo. "I Won't Follow" was annoying in it's mindless intensity. The killer track "Total Satan" has a hilarious intro and chorus...this is over the top 100% yet it's one of the better tracks on the CD. This song is so insane that weak minds may crumble after hearing this song - I LOVE IT! The other tracks on here that caught my ear was "Killing Star" - it's a song about the pentagram and "Vengeance" which has some VERY cool lead guitar in an extended solo.

If you like evil blackened death metal that in it's intensity still manages to hold onto a shred of structure and sometimes groove then you'll be hooked on this band. For me, this will be something to throw on when I'm extremely pissed off. So buy this record, because Satan told me he likes this band.
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