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The Crimson Armada
July 2009
Released: 2009, Metal Blade
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Combining many elements of Metal with a positive attitude, The Crimson Armada's Metal Blade debut, GUARDIANS, is steeped in Metal tradition, yet a carbon copy of none. Sort of a melding of Death, Black, and some Power Metal, the lyrical approach with songs like 'Filthy Addiction' and 'In the Eyes of God', judging from the titles, may seem common fare amongst the Death/Black side of things, however these guys aim to uplift and inspire.

They're not the first to combine positivity with hard music, Metal Blade it's self has had a myriad Christian Death Metal bands on the label over the years. None of it has ever really worked because Death/Black Metal, the sound is a sound of evil, of darkness. Still, Crimson Armada, constructing excellent, tight, songs, with a new approach, overcomes any bias for lyrical content. The Death Metal and Black Metal vocals are excellent, as is the controlled use of keyboards and melody.

Everything is well crafted. Often bands that combine styles sound like they're... combining styles. We can hear all the things Crimson Armada are influenced by, however it never seems to be haphazard or unnecessary. Somehow these fellows have managed to create a sound fairly unique to themselves, fairly quickly. Very emotive songs, with vocals that work well in that regard, loving the guitars, especially in the proggy/power Metal spots.
Track Listing

1. Guardian 5:36
2.A Filthy Addiction 4:59
3.The Sound, The Flood, The Hour 4:30
4.In The Eyes Of God 4:15
5.The Serpents Tongue 4:20
6.Revelations 2:44
7.Desecrated 4:03
8.The FinalWords 5:07
9.The Architect 5:24


Saud Ahmed - Vocals
Dan Hatfield - Guitar
Josh Jardim - Guitar
Chris Yates - Bass
David Puckett - Drums

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