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The Committee
Power Through Unity
March 2014
Released: 2014, Folter Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

"Not Our Revolution" - awesome, sounds as if it's a live gig. From soft guitars to everything comes alive. The very deep vocals and stylistic grooves. The drop down is just perfection and brings the thunder!!

In the "Man Of Steel" the band sounds like a war type of music with powerful fat sounds. This song is definitely one to drink and sing to. The drummer sounds like a metronome on speed!!! The sound that is manifested from the bassist could cut through skin. In "By My Bare Hands" there is a build up from acoustic guitars to an epic wall of sound. "Igor's" vocals could beautifully scream any story from fear to victory. You can imagine fist pumping in the pit to this.

"The Last Goodbye" eerily sounds like old steel being dragged across train tracks. The bass and guitars come in perfectly and compliment killer vocals. It also features coma-induced drumming, back to slow and soft guitars. Thankfully, this album has not been over produced to death. It does what it needs to do to perfection. "Katherine's Chant" has deadly drums as an intro. With drums and bass linked together to an almost Megadeth style, why wouldn't you love this song? But don't let this deceive you. This song just gets better and heavier!! Love it. "Power Through Unity" is the album title track and it gives you something heavy. Its straight into the power and hard hitting drums as soon as the song begins. This song is not for the fainthearted, but why would someone with a nervous disposition listen to " The Committee"?!

POWER THROUGH UNITY is an awesome album and The Committee would be a no brainer to go see live.

Wez Gill

Review by Wez Gill
Track Listing

Not Our Revolution
The Man Of Steel
By My Bare Hands
The Last Goodbye
Katherine's Chant
Power Through Unity


Singer/lead Igor Mortis
Rythm Aristo Crassade
Bass Marc Abre
Drums William Auraman

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