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Tales From The Pit
The Reckoning (Video Review)
November 2003
Released: 2003, Metallian Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Made by fans for fans of metal we have the VHS video magazine Tales From The Pit (TFTP). Metalhead & video producer Jerry Allen, has finally released #5 in this hopefully ongoing series that focuses on thrash metal, death metal, and the best in old school metal in general.

On the TFTP website you’ll see the declaration that “You won't find any trendy Nu Metal/Mallcore bands on TFTP! Just 100 % True metal.” Right away that statement should entice all fans of REAL metal. Clearly this is not driven by impure motives, but is presented by someone who is a diehard metal fan who wishes to promote the music he loves to fans like us that love these bands. Vocalist Sean Killian of Vio-lence and vocalist Mark Osegueda of Death Angel host TFTP #5. Both do a great job and augment the already impeccable credibility of the TFTP series.

There are nearly THREE HOURS of content on TFTP #5, so I won’t comment on every single interview, live clip, video, etc. that is on here. Instead, I will pick out the good and the not so good as I saw it from the video. Let’s start with the good, which is what comprises the bulk of the video and easily makes it worth buying. There is a touching tribute to Exodus vocalist Paul Baloff (he passed away in early 2002 as a result of a stroke). This features some older interview sections with Paul and newer interviews with Paul’s girlfriend and with Exodus bands members. The second big item on this tape is the coverage of “Chuck Billy’s Thrash of the Titans” concert from August 2001. The filming of that show is excellent and makes me wish that they would of been able to release the full concert on a DVD like was first planned! Then there are the interview segments that are interspersed with clips from the band’s videos or live clips. In some cases the video clips were from videos I haven’t seen at all or haven’t seen in a very long time since they are not played on TV or haven’t been all released on DVD. Some of the interviews include the reformed Death Angel ("Voracious Souls" video is sprinkled throughout this interview), Mille Petrozza from Kreator, Iron Maiden's Dave Murray, Janick Gers and Nicko McBrain, S.O.D., The Haunted, Rob Halford, Destruction, In Flames, Witchery, Morbid Angel, Nuclear Assault, Deicide’s Glen Benton, Ronnie James Dio and some hilarity from the “tell it like he fucking sees it” Lemmy!!!!! For example, here is Lemmy’s take on people stealing his music in MP3 format: "I do a day's work, I get a day's pay. Fuck you and anybody else who thinks different. Fuck off, I want my money.” There are so many more great moments packed in here making this something I will watch more than once. There are only a few items on here that I’ll skip over on my future viewings.

So we come to the part where I get complain a little and to explain why this video got a 4/5 instead of a perfect 5/5. There were three things on here that for me are a waste of space (two of them especially are a waste). The one feature that was somewhat interesting was the interview with horror movie special effects man Tom Savini. Then are the two features that I had to fast-forward after watching a few minutes of each because they were complete trash (not THRASH unfortunately). The first filler was an interview with some Goth bitch calling herself ”Mistress Persephone” who said something like she likes punk, 60’s psychedelic rock, and black metal….whatever! Apparently she is a dominatrix and runs some website where she dresses like it’s Halloween every day and plays with herself for desperate freaks to watch. Next up is something that was even worse. They call themselves the Boone Brothers and their interview is basically an ad for their STUPID "Brawlin' Broads" video series (I hope they PAID big bucks to get such a feature on this tape when so many other things could of taken it’s place!!!!) Their videos feature supposedly authentic trailer trash whores beating the shit out of each other for a few bucks…what fun.

Here are some items that I think the wasted space should have been replaced with: full videos instead of clips from the videos, longer (or just more) interviews, and more live footage showing COMPLETE songs from the Thrash of the Titans gig or any other gig. Near the end of the tape is some footage from a beach party that TFTP threw. For those involved in the organization, and those who a part of their clique, this is of course cool…but for me, as an outside observer, I thought the space could have been better used to feature more bands, or perhaps featuring writers of metal books, games, websites, festival organizers, producers, sound engineers, etc. Basically covering anything related to metal & not junk like 2 stoned clowns filming trailer park ho’s fighting! Haa!

My main wish for the future of TFTP is that #6 comes out within a couple months and that it’s on DVD, or even a burned DVD!! DVD burners are now economically priced, so burning this to a DVD is trivial since they have the hard part (the very professional editing and filming job they’ve done) down. In the meantime, if you like the bands featured on this tape, you will not at all be disappointed with this video magazine. My minor ranting above was meant as constructive criticism because like I already mentioned I immensely enjoyed the bulk of this video and would love to see it continue to improve and do well. So get you ass over to and get your copy of this soon to be collector’s item now!
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