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The Citadel
Brothers of Grief
October 2007
Released: 2007, GMR Music
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The Citadel started out in 2002 and has released several demos before their debut album was unleashed. The band’s music can be defined as some kind of strange mix of doom metal and some sad melodic rock. Radeborn has a unique voice - in the sense that he can’t sing. He hasn’t got one inch of register whatsoever; he screams and tries in every way to get his lyrics out. It’s really hard to listen to him and because of him the entire album gets boring to listen to.

The band has also got huge problems with their musical style. They can’t decide what type of music they wanna play, so instead of focusing on one style they try to mash every influence into one. Almost all of the songs sound alike and the arrangements are thin, pale and incredibly boring. The music has nothing that grabs ahold of you and I can’t remember one single chorus.

The band produced the album by themselves, which was a major mistake. The production sounds really low-budget and the band has a lot to work on when it comes to producing. Please, hire a producer next time.

There is a hell of a lot the band has to work on and improve before they can even think of releasing a second album. I’m definitely not gonna run out and buy the band’s next album, either. The only thing that’s correct with this album is the title.
Track Listing

1. Brothers of Grief
2. The Creeper
3. Call of the Gods
4. The Union
5. Evil Kingdom
6. Sleeping in Reality
7. In the Ashes of a Dream
8. Word of Silence
9. Hammer of Divine
10. The Play


Jonas Radeborn – lead vocals
Kenneth Jonsson – guitar
Erik Sjögren – keyboards
Richard Persson – bass
Olle Groth – drums

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