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The Cadavor Dog
The Cadavor Dog
December 2012
Released: 2012, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Rising from the ashes of a local, popular band Hateful Aggression comes The Cadavor Dog. The Calgary, Alberta act put out an independent EP in 2010 and are back for the attack with their full-length debut. This 34 minute 10 track album is a ball of thrash energy!

The packaging is very well done. Wolf Spider (vocals) is quite an artist and his drawings appear on every page, one piece per song with lyrics. It must have taken him forever to perfect the classic ‘thrashing skull ’n’ crossbones on high-skool math textbook’ style. Despite being black and white the art is very eye-catching, lots of skulls, demons, chainsaws and they have a very logo full of skulls and pentagrams based on the original Canadian speed Metal swirl that appeared on Banzai records in the 80’s. The lyrics are also infectious with some sweet violent tendencies.

The production is pretty raw and perhaps under produced on purpose, giving a classic thrash feel to the disc. The trio rip through the ten songs with no hesitation, no ballads and no mercy. There is only one speed…fast! The highlight for me is the vocal delivery of Wolfspider. Back in the days of seeing Hateful Aggression in the bars I always knew this kid had killer pipes and I was disappointed when they disbanded after only one album. When I heard that he was active again in The Cadavor Dog my anticipation was pretty high. Fortunately the band deliver the same thrashing energy that drew me to them in the first place, ‘them’ being Freddy Shruger on bass as well, from back in the old days. (Side Note: They used to do a ripping live cover version of Laaz Rockit’s, ‘Leatherface’ too!). There are some nice gang vocals and maybe even a bit of sloppy punk vibe but thankfully not too much of that, the album is firmly Metal.

THE CADAVOR DOG gets ‘it’. They understand the spirit of Metal, without copying, imitating, or simply being a retro-act of some sort. These dudes bleed Metal and have just a brilliant Motorhead early thrash vibe, rough, raw and ready, not too polished like some of the current retro-thrash bands. Highly recommended and this album is likely going to be near or at the top of best local album of the year category.
Track Listing

1. Tear Your Peace 2 Pieces
2. Chainsaw Thrasher
3. Armed N' Hammered
4. Survival
5. Choke On It
6. Skull N Crossbones
7. Dog Will Hunt
8. Speed Thrash Black Death
9. Straight Jacket
10. Screams In The Wind


Wolf Spider- Vocals, Guitar
Freddy Shruger - Bass
Brad- Drums

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