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The Buddha
... Reveal the Truth
April 2002
Released: 2001, Redemption Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

* Sigh * Y’know, I really wish some bands would get a clue. I mean, the website’s address is isn’t it? Apparently that doesn’t matter, as scads of mallcore shite pours in what sometimes seems like a never-ending stream. I mean, the pure crap is bad enough, but bands that are like The Buddha are REALLY frustrating. Why? Because I can see some good in them. This isn’t a defense of mallcore by any means, but rather I can hear some real, quality metal ideas in some of these songs.

I actually had some hope for this band before I ever put the disc on. Cool name, cool album title, pretty sweet lookin’ album cover with a spaceship that looks kinda like Princess Leia’s space cruiser in Star Wars. Groovy. It was mostly downhill from there. First proper song, (after intro “Om”) is “Cut the Ties”. It’s not half bad. For the first part of the song, it sounds like a slightly slowed down version of The Fallen (great band!), which is to say it almost fits in with old Machine Head-styled stomp. Unfortunately, the mallcore influences quickly make themselves heard. “Planet Earth” and “Suck It Up” follow in much the same mallcore vein, until “Anahata” hits. I actually like this song.

Starting with some quiet strumming and mournful vocals, the song slowly builds to a catchy conclusion that is mallcore-free. Good stuff. Unfortunately the rest of the songs on the disc are entirely disposable. I should have known from the start, as a quick glance at the tracklist immediately shows a song called “Nu Kings”. Ah well. File it in the stacks and don’t bother with it again (unless of course the band undergoes a drastic change of direction).

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