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As Long As It Flows
February 2006
Released: 2005, Great White North Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Oursenplus

Young, but talented. That's what can be said about Talamyus. Based in

Montreal and formed by two brothers, Benoît St-Jean (Guitars, Vocals) and

Dany St-Jean (Fretless Bass), Talamyus plays thrash metal mixed with viking,

black and death influences. Add an awesome drummer that carries a 15 year

experience bag, and you get three excellent musicians performing!! Musically, Talamyus sounds like newer Kreator (Violent Revolution, Enemy of

God) with awesome riffs, melody. On another side, Benoit uses harsh vocals,

which adds a little something to their unique sound.

AS LONG AS IT FLOWS begins with a short opener "Enter Talamyus" that leads

us right into "Hunger" which gives the listener a very good idea of what's

to come. Brutality, melody, accoustic moments. "Never Betray" is one hell of a song, this is the first song on the album where you can really hear their viking influences. You also get to hear a beautiful instrumental "Darkest Void". The title track sums it up perfectly : dark accoustic playing followed by more dark melodies. Weakness is a track that sounds like Sodom's Ausgebombt. It sounds a little bit happy but is done very well. This plunges us in "Blood Bath/In The Battlefield", two songs that are musically connected, a sort of "twology". You can REALLY feel their viking influences in these two songs and you also get to hear musical breaks with "clean viking" vocals. Great stuff. The album ends with a beautiful accoustic piece called Dreaming (In A Dead World).

Released on Great White North Records, AS LONG AS IT FLOWS is not really

innovative. It is simply a CD you might have heard before, but what's really

great about this cd is that these guys took their favorite band and

influences and mixed them, which gives them a unique sound. The production

on the album is very good, it sounds clean, yet dirty and heavy. If you're

in for a thrash/viking album that's very well done, As Long As It Flows is

for you!! This is Talamyus' first album and let's hope they continue to deliver quality music like this in the future!
Track Listing

1. Enter Talamyus
2. Hunger
3. Dark Land
4. In The Name Of Blood
5. Never Betray
6. Darkest Void
7. Weakness
8. Blood Bath...
9. ...In The Battlefield
10. Dreaming (In A Dead World


Benoît St-Jean (Guitars, Vocals)
Dany St-Jean (Fretless Bass)
Jean-Philippe Latour (Drums)

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