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The Black League
March 2004
Released: 2004, Ranch Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

(“Aahhh... I just love the taste of a good beer...”) The League men´s third full-length studio album called MAN´S RUIN REVISITED continues their own musical (r-) evolution which they started on their previous album UTOPIA A.D., musically traveling more and more away from elements of metal music toward all fun to play straight Rock music. Right on this new album the guys of The Black League have dropped all their weapons to become considered as a metal band; it´s Rock´n´Roll all night long fever that these fellows have had in their pants while they have been writing songs for their latest album, kind of paying some sort of a tribute to such groovily rockin´ Finnish ´Rock Giants´ as The Backsliders, Peer Gynt and The Hurriganes. Also, we cannot completely forget bands like Motörhead or Soundgarden (check out “Alive & Dead” for some of those soundgarden´ish influences!) either. With this album, we can say ´a-good-long-kiss-goodbye´ to The Black League as we remember them from their excellent ICHOR album. The only familiar thing that you are able to find from MAN´S RUIN REVISITED as well, is Jarva´s vocal parts that haven´t changed that radically after all and are quite easy to recognize by this familiar tone that Jarva has always had in his own voice. But everything else, I mean everything a bit more ´metallic´ is basically gone, buried and forgotten from the once so rich and strong metal sound of The Black League. So let´s welcome The Black League –troops in with a lighter, but still a very groovy and catchy album.

Due to their minimally ´metallic´ songs on MAN´S RUIN..., this album was released on Spinefarm´s sub-label Ranch that is specialized more for straight rockin´ bands. However, in all honesty, even if I´m still missing the band´s magnificently bombastic ICHOR -times quite a lot indeed, I have to confess I surprisingly do like these guys´ heavily Rock –orientated approach on MAN´S RUIN REVISITED. I don´t know how much it has to do with the fact that I´ve been drinking a few beers (yea... ´a few´, whatever signal that may send you, aaffh... fuck!) while I have been sinking my teeth deeper into the 12-song effort. This sounds like a damn good entertainment for alcohol-filled nights without a slightest doubt like mine has mysteriously turned out for some strange reason? A faint of smell of just recently opened bottle of “Karjala III” –beer reaches my sharp nostrils during the very same time when almost a wanna-be Motörhead -influenced song called “Ain´t No Friend O´ Mine” reaches my non-corrupted ears, kind of never letting me a chance to switch off my stereo ´til it´s 10 past midnight. And at this point of the evening, after consuming nearly a half van of beers, I can openly confess that I´m not that sober any longer; in fact, I´m drunk like a little pink pig and enjoying the hell out of listening to The Black League´s latest release. These guys fuckin´ ROCK and soon I found myself sing-alonging the songs off from the album with Mr. Jarva. Jarva is the man for my taste... with a really bad-ass attitude. Fuckin´ Jarva...

MAN´S RUIN REVISITED is a drinking music for lonely nights that has been made by a bunch of drunken, fat and long-haired bastards for a drunkard people like me. And I feel like I´m in a need of another beer right now, so see ya all soon after a while... in this specific Hell where the booze flows free from all directions and is sooo damn easy to get!! So join with me... all ye´ filth-sucking bastards of a loudly rocking party music!!
Track Listing

01. Old World Monkey
02. Alive & Dead
03. Cold Women & Warm Beer
04. Hot Wheels (The Hurriganes cover song)
05. Black Water Fever
06. Lost in the Shadows, I Walk Alone
07. Ain´t No Friend o´ Mine
08. The Healer
09. Crooked Mile
10. Mad Ol´ Century
11. Man´s Ruin... Revisited!
12. Better Angels (of Our Nature)


Jarva – Vocals
Ranta – Guitar
Valanne – Guitar
Laurila – Bass
Luttinen – Drums

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