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The Berzerker
World of Lies
July 2006
Released: 2005, Earache
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Madman

The Berzerker, Australian for “beer”, or more rightly so, Australian for “gimmick”. WORLD OF LIES sits as The Berzerker’s third album and one that has seen much less press and publicity than prior album, DISSIMULATE and there are definite reasons for that.

Starting at some point in the mid-90’s The Berzerker began to meld the percussion of industrial music with the guitars and vocals of death metal. Of course that leaves The Berzerker well within the metal realm but the thing that was to make the band different (its use of hyper paced electronic drums) was the only redeeming (using that term loosely) value the band had. That, and internet hype about breaking supposed world records, which were never true anyway (of course this is not the band’s fault in the least). Last year brought the third album, “World of Lies” upon an unsuspecting metal scene, and I do mean unsuspecting since I didn’t hear a damn thing about it till it was sent to me in the mail.

The Berzerker’s brand of hyperspeed death metal is still in full swing on WORLD OF LIES. The drums being as synthetic sounding as possible to offset the guitars and vocals, though it would be much more interesting if the band attempted to make the guitars and vocals sound as cold and synthetic as Fear Factory or even Meshuggah, could make an interesting sound I would think but as it is, the overall sound is somewhat weak and doesn’t fit.

The sound The Berzerker has might fit if the music worked and accented what they were trying to do, but in most cases it doesn’t. It’s just fast death metal with incredibly fast snare work, it’s cool for the first few minutes but there’s nothing lasting here. The riffs are bland and lifeless and make me wonder how much thought was really put into the music here. For the most part fast sections are used just so that they can throw in some fast snare or bass patterns and slow sections are just thrown around in a lame attempt to add some dynamics. The thing is, it doesn’t work if you don’t feel it and I most certainly don’t. There is one section that works in “Follow Me” where the song slows down and the riff reminds one of modern Morbid Angel. Unfortunately this one shining moment doesn’t bode well for the album as it has nothing of merit, nothing that makes it rise above.

The Berzerker are a gimmick and a gimmick only. Their sound could work, but only with enough imagination, which the band clearly does not have.
Track Listing

1. Committed to Nothing
2. Black Heart
3. All About You
4. Burn the Evil
5. World of Tomorrow
6. Follow Me
7. Y
8. As The World Waits
9. Afterlife
10. Never Hated More
11. Free Yourself
12. Constant Pain
13. Silence
14. Farewell


Luke Kenny - Vocals
Ed Lacey - Guitar
Jay - Guitar
Adrian Naudi - Guitar
Sam Bean - Bass

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