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The Bereaved
Darkened Silhouette
January 2006
Released: 2004, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Pataklysm

Alas, another At The Gates clone, though a good one at that. If you are sick of these types of Swedish “copycats", I would recommend you keep away. I, on the other hand, like the mad guitar riffery and fast paced thrashin', so if your tastes are similar to mine, keep reading. If you are a fan of Dark Tranquility's GALLERY or At The Gates' SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL, you are bound to like DARKENED SILHOUETTE.

Right from the get-go, The Bereaved's great guitar riffs on “Soaked Mud Remain” had me hooked! Awesome, catchy songs are the name of the game here. There is a wide range of excellent drumming on DARKENED SILHOUETTE, as well, as Tobhias Ljung's beats accent this music perfectly from steady thrash beats on “Soaked Mud Remain” and “Vital Organ Theft” to enormous blast beatings on “Silverspoon” and “Angel's Ablaze,” not to mention his excellent footwork. The Bereaved are overall great musicians. Guitarists Henrik Tranemyr and Jonny Westerback have great solo technique…check out the solo on “Soaked Mud Remain” to hear what I mean. I don't know what it is about Sweden but this country spits out some of the best guitarists on the planet (it must be in the beer). While Mikael Nilsson's bass is not as prevalent on DARKENED SILHOUETTE, his keyboard is, making for a very epic sound on some songs (“Fatal Human Rapture,” “Angel's Ablaze”). Westerback seems to have no trouble spitting out his heavy, aggressive vocals while performing his stellar guitar licks, either. Sounding a lot like Jonas Kjellgren from Carnal Forge, Westerback's voice suits the music nicely. Ljung does some backing vocals, a dn his clean vocal style (check out the song "The Bereaved") changes things up a little, yet could have been spared, being a little cheesy for my liking.

Definitely not a one-dimensional album, DARKENED SILHOUETTE kept my attention from front to back. If you like your death melodic and your thrash "the Swedish way," give it a listen. I was a bit skeptical of yet another Swedish thrash band but was turned into a fan of The Bereaved. Only time will tell if these guys can keep this madness up.

KILLER KUTS: Soaked Mud Remain, Silverspoon, Vital Organ Theft
Track Listing

1. Soaked Mud Remain
2. Silverspoon
3. The Bereaved
4. Vital Organ Theft
5. Hollow Child
6. My Dying Pride
7. Pathetic
8. Devil's Deal
9. Angel's Ablaze
10. Fatal Human Rapture
11. Lines in Shape
12. The Abyss


Vocals/Guitar - Jonny Westerback
Guitar - Henrik Tranemyr
Bass - Mikael Nilsson
Keyboards – Tony Thoren
Drums/Backing Vocals - Tobhias Ljung

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