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The Beheading Machine
Narcobiological Upgrade
October 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

The Beheading Machine is a extremely tight five-piece death metal assault with one prior release, the ‚ÄúStillbirth Civilisation‚ÄĚ EP already under their belts. Their latest album NARCOBIOLOGICAL UPGRADE was produced by Yanek Bryt(Suffocation, Destruction, Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader)at Screw Factory Studio.

Heavily triggered drums, and palm muted chugging guitars introduce the listener to The Beheading Machine on album opener "It's A Depression". The vocals are almost uniformly guttural and low in nature. "Prospect From The 3rd Eye" continues in the same musical direction of stop-start on a dime precision, yet incorporates blasting passages amongst soaring and whirling leads from guitarist Dziubek. "Dead Man's Life" starts with the kind of riff that drops like a ton of bricks before progressing into The Beheading Machine's more mechanical brand of death metal.

"Recapitulation" is all over the place rhythmically. Blasting one moment, then half time the next, then segueing into a double kick heavy breakdown. I imagine this particular sort of death metal would appeal to the followers of the metalcore movement as aside from the vocals is not that far removed from the metalcore genre. "Cipher of Life" is raging and bloodthirsty, no doubt the record's most vicious cut. There is an unholy air about the delivery amongst the chaos and it is on this track that vocalist Marshall mixes things up the most.

For the most part, The Beheading Machine has offered up a quality album with excellent production and well crafted songs. For such a young band to work with a veteran producer like Yanek Bryt really is to their credit. Yanek has got the pro-level death metal sound dialed in on this release and it shows on the band's finished product. Where this disc lacks is mostly in the creative department. While the musicians that make up The Beheading Machine all seem to have well honed chops, there really is nothing on offer here that stands out as being particularly original about their sound. Anyhow, I will look forward to hearing this band grow from this point on and encourage fans of technical death metal to give them a chance.
Track Listing

1. It's A Depression
2. Prospect From The 3rd Eye
3. Chaos Reigns
4. Dead Man's Life
5. H8W4R
6. Recapitulation
7. 6
8. Cipher of Life
9. The Psalm of Tripping God


Marshall - Vocals
Maki - Vocals
Dziubek - Guitar
Linda - Bass
Smola - Drums

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