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The Bastard Noise / The Endless Blockade
The Red List
August 2010
Released: 2010, 20 Buck Spin
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Noise, noise, noise...that’s essentially what this split album is about. On the one half we have long-gone, but now revived U.S. noise merchants The Bastard Noise, on the other, their Canadian brethren The Endless Blockade. In the case of The Bastard Noise, it’s the first time since 1991 that they’ve put material out under that name, though the band members have been active in a number of other noise projects in that time. As for The Endless Blockade, the band has been active for a while and very busy since 2008, with two splits and a full-length of their own.

Both bands on this split are kindred musical spirits, in that they both subscribe to the exploration of sound through noise philosophy; you’ll not find much to latch onto in the way of conventional riffs on THE RED LIST. At this point I should state that as a listener, I have little to no patience for this shit so the rest of this review will read accordingly.

Anyway, starting with The Bastard Noise, we get five tracks of mostly instrumental bass-driven, progressive noise making. Indeed, bassist Eric Wood’s talent stands out above the din with his fret acrobatics that would make Dream Theater and Gordian Knot blush. Unfortunately, the rest of the ‘music’ is crap, filled with all the typical bleeps and bloops this genre is known for, but going nowhere.

As for The Endless Blockade, they are more on doom/sludge side of the noise equation, but still just as impotent. “Deuteronomy” has some interestingly heavy moments, but again, it’s all just so much ambient noise-making to no great effect. Most times it just sounds like art students throwing tantrums in the music room. Don’t even get me started on the offensive waste of 15 minutes that is “Model 49 Rebreather” and its nonstop static...seriously, it’s literally 15 minutes of static and nothing else. In no rational world is that either musical or meaningful. Fuck off.

I can’t imagine anyone enjoying this, except when they want to impress people with their tolerance for crap in the name of underground chic. Avoid like the boil-bursting plague it is.
Track Listing

The Bastard Noise:
1) Fallen Species
2) Movement Two
3) U.S.A. Today
4) Mutant World of Shame / Underworld
5) Manphibian
The Endless Blockade:
6) Deuteronomy
7) Advanced Directive
8) Model 49 Rebreather



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