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The Autumn Offering
Revelations of the Unsung
July 2006
Released: 2006, Victory Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

Victory Records is once again proving to the World that they are one of the most trendy and money focused extreme record labels in the musical industry. They release an awful Metalcore record after another. This Swedish Metal influenced sub-genre has become one of the most boring, besides Power Metal. When will this Metalcore kids and particular label realize that in order to play a true Metal record, you have to feel the Metal burning in your heart until it bleeds. Metal is no game my friend. The blood is the life.

After all that being said, REVELATIONS OF THE UNSUNG is truly one of the most boring and uninspired CDs I have heard in the last years. It lacks everything that makes an album great. C’mon, even the artwork sucks. The band must have really worked hard to blow it even in the visual department.

The music in REVELATIONS OF THE UNSUNG is well executed, contains the Swedish body but lacks the soul. It is full of breakdowns, melody and even the production is similar to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE (Now, this is a great Metalcore band kiddos, so listen more to it before releasing your next CD). I can assure you that REVELATIONS OF THE UNSUNG, was simply done while traveling on the flavor of the month band wagon. Had The Autumn Offering released this CD 5 years ago, it would have sounded like Nu-Metal. And a pretty crappy one by the way.

I have always stood for true music and this just does not cut through. I highly encourage The Autumn Offering to go back to school, cause this REVELATIONS OF THE UNSUNG release won’t take them anywhere. To play Metal, you have to understand Metal, and this is not the case. Listen to “Revelation”, “Doomed Generation” and “Shadows Of Betrayal”, where the band even tries to play Death Metal and discover it for yourselves. The sad part? It will sell. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

1. The Great Escape
2. Revelation
3. Calm After The Storm
4. Last Desperado
5. Deflowered
6. Doomed Generation
7. Homecoming
8. Bonds In Which We Break
9. Shadows Of Betrayal
10. Beginnings End


Dennis Miller - Vocals
George Moore - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Sean Robbins - Bass Guitar
Matt Johnson - Rhythm/Lead Guitars
Nick Gelyon - Drums

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