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The Atomic Bitchwax
The Local Fuzz
June 2011
Released: 2011, Tee Pee Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

New Jersey stoner rock kingpins The Atomic Bitchwax have made a name for themselves in underground circles touring year in and year out for over fifteen years now. The band, comprised of members of Godspeed, Monster Magnet and Core have just unleashed THE LOCAL FUZZ, an unorthodox offering solely represented by a single, monstrous 42 minute title track that features no less than fifty riffs performed back to back.

Progessive rock acrobatics cascade against heavily accented percussive fills and as a listener you get the sense that The Atomic Bitchwax must live at their rehearsal studio, only seldomly venturing into civilization to retrieve necessities like cases of pizza, beer and the occasional dime bag. It's mind blowing to think that these three have been slaving away, synchronizing their near hour long assault all the while. I mean how long does it take a band to memorize a track this long, learn the order of all the riffs and then fine tune and add subtle nuances? The end result is staggering and most convincing. A never ending jam, further encapsulating the fantasy realm with the addition of sci-fi synthesizers and hesher atmospherics.

The production on THE LOCAL FUZZ retains the dynamic range of seventies progressive rock with it's warm and rich sound quality, not unlike or that far removed from a classic slab of vinyl. The musicianship displayed is excellent, for an all instrumental disc to hold the listener's attention for the better part of an hour is no small feat. However, having said that I can't say that THE LOCAL FUZZ will warrant very many repeated spins outside of being background music for people bumping uglies, partaking in all night acid trips or long road trips.
Track Listing

1. The Local Fuzz


Chris Kosnik
Finn Ryan
Bob Pantella

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