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L'bi Halli Kivi
January 2010
Released: 2008, Nailboard Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Estonian doom rockers Taak (meaning 'heavy burden') started under the Dawn of Gehenna moniker in November 2005, and since those days the band has gained some reputation for themselves with their Sabbath-tinged doom, recording a couple of albums: KOERAP'RI' in 2006, and their latest one, titled L'BI HALLI KIVI, released in 2008.

I guess it should be mentioned that Taak's 2nd album, KOERAP''RI'' has been voted as the 'Album of the Year 2006' by the listeners of the nationwide radioshow Metallion ' as well as the readers of the biggest Estonian rock journalism, Nailboard Magazine.

Having been spinning intensely the band's 2nd album L'BI HALLI KIVI through over and over again, I can easily understand all those people why they find Taak's stuff so appealing to themselves. Taak's music is basically all about strong Sabbath-ness around their songs. It's relatively simple, catchy, honest and retro-ish sounding, pure heavy rock/pre-doom ' and sung in their native Estonian language, which is at times very close to the Finnish language, making the album even more accessible for me personally). Taak's songs have this nice and effortless flow that obviously provide an easy listen for most of us, the fans of heavy rock of the past (Sabbath-ish) times to be more precise. Gladly Taak's singer Mart has stayed away from a shameless imitation of either Ozzy, or Ronnie. That would probably have been too much, I think. The band has also managed to stay kind of truthful to early 80's sound, trying to get the same vibe for this recording that many heavy rock albums had back in the day, only slightly modernizing it here and there. In that sense they have succeeded pretty well even, keeping their sound stripped down enough and just simple. It all works for them really well ' and why not for us too, as we all do love Black Sabbath, don't we? ;o)

I can't find anything more to say about Taak's 2nd album. It's all good for what it is, and undoubtedly this album can be considered worth checking out among the fans of Sabbath predominantly. Good stuff. I like it.
Track Listing

01. Lahkuja Kustutab Tule
02. Halva 'nne Koorem
03. Palvevennad
04. L'bi Halli Kivi
05. Ahvide Planeet
06. Kosmose Piiritus
07. Tuhandeaastane Uni
08. Roe
09. Sigade Paradiis
10. L'pu Algus


Mart Kalvet - Vocals
Urmas J'gi - Guitar
Ott 'Otipowitch' Oras - Bass
Andres 'Anz' Rohula - Drums
Kristjan 'Christ' Virma - Keyboards

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