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The Arrs
Hero's Assassin
February 2010
Released: 2009, Season of Mist
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

The ARRS or "The Aliens Right Respect Sect" are a five piece melodic metalcore outfit hailing from Paris, France. The Seasons of Mist released HERO'S ASSASSIN is the third full length album from The ARRS who have also put out one previous EP as well.

HERO'S ASSASSIN which roughly translates in the French language to "murderous hero" begins with a somber classical string arrangement interlude; almost immediately drawing a line in the sand and differentiating itself from American metalcore in terms of overall style. "Cannibale" is the album's first real track representative of the band's sound. The ARRS build from a very melodic framework riff-wise and complete their sound with all of the standard hallmarks of modern metalcore; namely tight breakdowns, throaty vocals, clean catchy vocal choruses and machine gun double kick drums.

There is plenty of excellent shredding demonstrated on HERO'S ASSASSIN. One quality that this disc has going for it is the band mixes things up often, shifting tempos pretty regularly and drawing from a surplus of riffs; never really becoming repetitive in the process. The title track builds on dynamics with an acoustic intro before kicking into high gear. There's also a pretty cool sounding chorus on the title track. Most vocal parts are in French; though I'm pretty sure I've also heard some English bits thrown in here and there. One thing that really stands out to me on this record is the drum sound; which is top notch and very well engineered. "Martyres" is an atmospheric acoustic passage that gives way to "Sombre Univers" With the elements of classical string arrangements and bleak acoustic intros there is a definite air of gloom almost Gothic in feel that permeates throughout the duration of this disc defining itself as also very European.

I'd say this is a solid release from The ARRS that I would expect to turn some heads within the metalcore community. HERO'S ASSASSIN is a fresh sounding record with some new ideas on how metalcore should sound and if bands like Shadows Fall and Lamb of God are your thing this should take you to the next level of epic sounding metalcore.
Track Listing

1. L'empire, La Femme, La Mort
2. Cannibale
3. Nihil Est In Homine
4. Héros Assassin
5. Sacrifice
6. Martyres
7. Sombre Univers
8. Vengeance
9. L'emprise
10. Seul Contre Tous
11. Le Ciel Des Uns Est L'enfer Des Autres
12. Ma Miséricorde


Nico - Vocals
Pierre - Guitars
Paskual - Guitar
Jerome - Bass
Toki - Drums

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