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The Arcane Order
In the Wake of Collisions
April 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Blade Records/Border Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The Arcane Order is led by Flemming C Lund (Invocator, ex- Autumn Leaves) and began taking shape when Autumn Leaves started to fall apart in 2003. The band recorded a promo in 2004 and the songs were supposed to be done in Sweden by a Swedish singer, but Lund got in touch with his friend Thomsen (Raunchy) instead and he handled the promo. Several labels showed interest in the band and they chose to sign on with Metal Blade. The debut album THE MACHINERY OF OBLIVION came out 2006 and went over extremely well amongst the fans and media and they did a lot of touring with Testament, Hatesphere and Suffocation.

The Arcane Order delivers angry, mean and brutal thrash metal with symphonic parts and a lot of keyboards. The music is technical and includes very long instrumental parts along with Thomsen varying between screaming out the lyrics and singing in a more aggressive style.

Despite my love for extreme metal, I do have a few problems with the music here. The instrumental parts in the songs are overly-long sometimes and I’m sorry to say that Thomsen’s vocals/screams/growls leave something to wish for and he gets really annoying to listen to after a while. Aside from the instrumental parts, the music feels strong and The Arcane Order stands out from many other bands in this genre. The entire disc is pretty even, but I think that the first part is a little more solid than the second.

The production feels heavy and sounds just like it should when it comes to an act as mean as The Arcane Order. If you’re a fan of extreme metal I strongly suggest that you check out this Danish band. Just get past the keyboards and you’ll gonna love the rest.

Killer tracks are “Unleash the Tyrant”, “The Reaping Reverence”, “Sanctity of Allegiance” and “Horizons Buried”.
Track Listing

1. Death is Imminent
2. Between Reasons and Hubris
3. The Serpent Tower
4. Eruptions of Red
5. When Oceans Become Deserts (instr)
6. Unleash the Tyrant
7. The Reaping Reverence
8. Sanctity of Allegiance
9. Horizons Buried


Kasper Thomsen – lead vocals
Flemming C Lund – guitar
Kasper Kierkegaard – guitar
Boris Tandrup – bass
Morten Lowe Sörensen – drums

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