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The Aerium
Song For The Dead King
June 2005
Released: 2005, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

I wanted to like this so much more than I did; and truthfully, it did grow on me after time. The band has personality, and I do hope to hear more from them as they develop.

Genre-wise, the band is a Russian Gothic Metal act with a female soprano lead. Sadly, the vocals don’t always work—they sound stunted and forced, as if their supple singer isn’t quite adept at this whole Heavy Metal thing just yet. Occasionally, she goes out of range, but generally speaking, her voice is pleasant and accent-free. She adds much to the ethereal melodies within, and shines when given room to breathe, such as the somber “Wanderer.” I would compare this favorably to bands like Ashes You Leave and Evensong. With a more adequate recording, this band could even resemble a young, doe-eyed After Forever.

The keyboards are prominent—almost too much so. A passing resemblance to the Grecian Metal bands is audible; the structuring and emphasis on atmospherics are similar. The guitars show promise, but sound merely ornamental here. This is really more of a Gothic release than a Metal record.

The production is a tad thin, and it does detract from the power of the music at times. The whole thing sounds promising, yet stiff as a board—not unlike Nightwish’s debut. This is a glorified demo recording—and when viewed in that lens, the result is just fine. Perhaps when the band is afforded the opportunity to record a proper debut, we shall see what sort of potential they truly hold.

Songs like “Sentinel” show great promise; this band could really develop into something powerful. But for now, we wait. The ball is in their court.
Track Listing

1. Song For The Dead King
2. Prayer
3. Queen Of Snows
4. Treasure Hunter
5. Sentinel
6. Wanderer
7. Midnight
8. On The Pier


Veronika Sevostyanova - Vocals
Alexander Gubko - Drums
Kirill Novikov - Guitars
Andrey Grishin - Keyboards
Igor Reshentikov - Bass



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