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November 2003
Released: 2003, Witches Brew
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Thargos is a black/thrash metal band from Germany. The band was formed in 1995 by vocalist/guitarist “Frontgoat” and drummer Cy. KILLFUKK is the band’s first full-length album following their BLOODGOAT demo from 1999.

If you are familiar with old school thrash like the early albums of Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, and even Exodus’s BONDED BY BLOOD, then you will have a bit of an understanding regarding where Thargos draw some of their inspiration. If you take some of that early, raw, and evil thrash, mix it up with some old school black metal, then you are getting closer to what Thargos sound like. To my ears, they lean a little more towards the raw thrash style, which is fine by me!

The short intro “Funeral In Green” opens the album making way for “Those I Killed”. Right away the vocals fucking rip! On my first few listens I didn’t like the “EEEEEEEEWWWWAAA!” enunciation that was being added to every other phrase. But after hearing the album more and more it has grown on me to the point of tolerance, even though I think it’s a tad overdone. The solo in this one rips and is very cool. The extended scream of “Salvationnnnnnn” in here was also great. Also cool is how the song begins and ends with a shotgun being cocked. “Natural Selection” is a heavier song with a bit of a death metal feel on the riffing in the verses. The song is not one-dimensional though, there are breakdowns and the solo section is insane! “Gods of Black Metal” is the first song on here that offers something more catchy. The chorus and lyrics of this one make the song. Again, the solo totally fits the song. Some of the more amusing lyrics in this song include: ““We are more Black than those painted kids. We hate Gothic and fukkin norsecore. We are stronger than all our "enemies". We don´t have to argue anymore - FUKK YOU! Cause we are Godz!” In “Ritual of Life” the vocals have a hard time keeping up with the frantic pace of the riffing and drums. To be honest, it doesn’t sound like it fits very well on these parts and is one of the album’s weaker moments. This one has a bizarre computer like sound like some strange Windows warning sound. The song is also short at under 2mis. Now we come to two songs together that are the heart of the album to me. First is “Fucking of the HellFukked” – now this is the fukking shit! One of the best tracks on here for sure. It’s sure to offend those of several religions. Second is “KillFukk” which is perhaps the best track on the CD to me. I love the riffing at the beginning of this one. The chorus is also k-k-k-k-killer!! Stylistically this one is, in places, punked up (not pop-punk either!). Don’t worry though; at its core this is still fuckken metal!!! Some of the other stronger songs on here include “Black Mass” which has a great head-thrashing groove. The breakdown at the 2min mark was cool to hear as it sounded more like traditional metal for a brief 30 seconds. “The Antisinner” is another of the songs that has a bit of the old school punk sound thrown into the black/thrash mix. It’s didn’t work as well as it did on “KillFukk” though. The great solo in this one saves the song for me though. Some of the less interesting moments on the CD were “Anti Trend Super Mega Blasphemy Song” and “Release Him From Earth” (backing vocals on here are SICK though! Ha!) . Both are too noisy for me as was “Subhuman God” which begins with one of those “Angel of Death” screams. There is also a bit of Slayer influence on some of the slower riffs in this one but the fast parts with the blasting drums is not what I’m into. The album closes with a cover of the Exodus classic, “Bonded By Blood”. It actually works well and they put their own stamp on it. Needless to say, the original is not toppled, but that wasn’t the point of covering the song and they’ve provided a cover that fits in with their own sound.

If you’re idea of black metal is angelic female vocals, keyboards and other gothic drivel, then you won’t like this raw unpolished black/thrash gem…and that’s you’re fukking loss!
Track Listing

1. Funeral In Green
2. Those I Killed
3. Natural Selection
4. Godz Of Black Metal
5. Ritual Of Life
6. Fukking The Hellfukked
7. Killfukk
8. Anti Trend Super Mega Blasphemy Song
9. Release Him From Earth
10. Black Mass
11. Antisinner
12. Subhuman God
13. Bonded By Blood (Exodus Cover)


Frontgoat - Vocals, Guitars
Cy - Analog & Digital Drums
Distortion – Bass guitar

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