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Iidsetel Sünkjatel Radadel
January 2010
Released: 2007, Nailboard Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

When talking about some of the most influential Estonian black/pagan metal bands ever, then it�s always Tharaphita�s (ex-Ancestral Damnation) name that pops up from somewhere to our lips. Tharaphita was formed in 1995 � a freaking 15 years ago, and since then they have recorded 4 full-length albums thus far off which this IIDSETEL S�NKJATEL RADADEL, is their latest one, released in 2007 already.

IIDSETEL S�NKJATEL RADADEL is a surprisingly epic piece of work all in all, containing lengthy pagan/black/folk-ish metal songs, but without any of those typical instruments (i.e. mouth harp, big choirs, an extended use of keyboard, etc.) that so many bands of the same ink tend to use within their music, and on their albums. They let the traditional rock instruments do the all the talking for their black/pagan metal instead; guitars, bass and drums is all they need � and it all works fine for them.

Spinning through the album - over and over and over again, in some ways Tharaphita tends to remind me musically of Finntroll, Ajattara and a stripped down version of Finland�s pagan metal veterans Moonsorrow. A widely spread epicness, horizons painting atmospheres and overall a big and strong sound � la Moonsorrow are all there as a part of Tharaphita�s sound - grimness and sort of rawness of bands like Ajattara and Finntroll also give some flavor to their very harmoniously yet effortlessly flowing black/pagan metal that is delightfully catchy most of the time, which naturally is very important to make your own music to stand out from the rest of the pack. Tharaphita does deliver � and in an admirably great way, and I have to say even that to me personally they represent one of the most exciting and finest components of the whole black/pagan/folk metal genre these days. More people should really hear them, and experience the ravishing heathen parade of Tharaphita�s IIDSETEL S�NKJATEL RADADEL album.

I don�t know why it took so long time from me to find this absolutely interesting and skilled Estonian black/pagan metal act, but I am very thankful to Karel from Nailboard Records for sending this out to me for a review (among other things, of course). Check them out if you ever get a chance for it. The Baltic region for a yet undiscovered metal seems to reign supreme.
Track Listing

01. Iidsetel S�nkjatel Radadel
02. Vahkturm
03. Ristikatk
04. Surmatalv
05. Loodusviha
06. Hullusesse
07. Raudses Haardes


Ank - Vocals & guitar
Benton - Guitar
Draconic - Guitar
Brutalis - Bass
Melu - Drums

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