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November 2001
Released: 2000, Hammerheart Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"NOTHING can beat a jolly good nostalgic feeling of the classic mid-80s Deathrash-ish Metal..." could be a perfect slogan for Thanatos. From the land of tulips and clogs which they even, in fact, may well be using daily ‘coz with ANGELIC ENCOUNTERS you are thrown back in time right in the middle of an angry, pissed-off and LOUD arena for pubescent teenagers who wanna rise in rebellion in ultimate pain against EVERYTHING valuable and saintly in modern society. Whatever in the world this may contain: a well-planned school system, caring parents, law & justice, freedom of speech, etc. – just whatever that association may bring in your mind really! The point, however, is when you’re full of frustration and bitterness; you just MUST channel your exuberant, negative energy and pain that’s bottled up inside you to ease tension. One way to do it, is to form a downright tight and brutally hammering, neck-stretching metal band - and in Thanatos, the guys have successfully accomplished to do all that.

In fact, Thanatos reminds me of the times when I was heavily into a tape trading scene and making new, killer discoveries almost in a daily basis. Many of the spellbinding bands that I was very much into at that time, sounded and even looked like Holland’s Death/Thrash -veterans Thanatos (well, some bands, not all!). The music was inexorably brutal, direct, simple and definitely unstoppable in many ways. Those kind of bands spellbound me for my entire lifetime; I’ve indeed always been possessed by the 80s violent playground for an unbeatable Death/Thrash Metal extravagance more than anything. Ssuch infamous skullgrinders & hellbashers as Violent Force, Prime Evil, Kreator, Minotaur, Poison(Ger), Infernäl Mäjesty, Possessed etc. showing the way - and all I can say is that ANGELIC ENCOUNTERS has been totally packed with the influences, some way or another at least, from all these great bands I just listed.

An absolute MUST OWN release for everyone who wants to recall the past all-time BEST era for extreme metal!! NO FUCKIN DOUBTS!!! dear soulmates...
Track Listing

01. Angelic Encounters
02. In Utter Darkness
03. Sincere Chainsaw Salvation
04. Infuriated
05. The Howling
06. Gods of War
07. The Devil's Concubine
08. Speed Kills
09. Thou Shalt Rot
10. Corpse Grinder (Massacre cover; on digipack/LP only!)


Stephan Gebedi - Guitars & vocals
Paul Baayens - Lead Guitar
Theo van Eekelen - Bass
Aad Kloosterwaard - Drums

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