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August 2014
Released: 2014, Meatcube Label
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Music isn’t always intended to be friendly, easily digested or danceable. Sometimes it’s intentionally ugly, confrontational, and intentionally challenging. Such is the case with the self-titled swan song from Japanese grind-crusters Tetola93.

The album’s 13 tracks are a combination of new and re-recorded material, but chances are you’ve never heard any of this before, so that won’t really matter. What will matter is that this may be the nastiest sounding record you’ll hear all year. As low as the lowest lo-fi black metal bedroom recording, more sonically caustic than a Brutal Truth/S.O.B. split, but surprisingly as melodic and moving as an AFI record, I can honestly say that I’ve never really heard anything like Tetola93 before. And that’s pretty goddam amazing. Sung in the band’s native language, the vocals are delivered in a parallel emo bellow/screamo wail that provide weight and character to the raw musical delivery. Most of the 13 tracks on TETOLA93 sprint by pretty quickly, but cuts like “Falsified Habit”, “Dying for One’s Corrupt Country”, and “Uninstall” in particular really stood out for me.

Aside from a ‘Zine interview that was provided with the press materials, I was hard pressed to find any real history about the Tetola93, which kind of makes the album that much more intriguing. There’s a limited body of work available through Bandcamp, but this self-titled final act is really the sum of the band’s existence. At the very least, I’d recommend streaming a few tracks via the included link here and getting out of your comfort zone for a minute. Tetola93 were are part of the underground that, as hardcore as many of us profess to be, most of us will never have the chance to actively experience. A unique band with a unique vision of where they wanted to take their music, take the gamble and give Tetola93 a chance.
Track Listing

1. Nagasaki Nightmare
2. Take Away the Life There is No Right
3. Falsified Habit
5. Dying for One’s Corrupt Country
6. Uninstall
7. Meritocracy
8. End of the Scorching Heat
9. Anti-Japanese Newspaper
10. Karma
11. Sinks in Marsh
12. R vs. Hippie
13. Funeral Procession


Yujiro Takatori – Vocals, Guitar
Shohei Maruyama – Vocals, Guitars
Shingo Takatori – Bass, Vocals
Kentaro Mizuno – Drums



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