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June 2011
Released: 2011, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

'One' is the Debut album from the UK based metallers.

When you say Prog Metal to someone 2 things spring to mind; middle aged men listening to Dream Theatre or spotty teenagers listening to Dragonforce!

This is manly due to Prog Metal being a very niche market, few bands make it big in the prog scene mostly due to not being good enough as it is technically demanding or not being creative enough. Thankfully, TesserAct for the most part tick both of those boxes.

Their sound is more accessible than most prog bands, mixing some slightly ethereal sounding almost gothic elements with hard rock/prog metal. There's only a few times it actually sounds like a clichéd prog band, Nascent being probably the worst offender at times you feel like it’s a prog by numbers affair, insert screamy vocals here, change time signature, etc. On the whole it is good though, it flows, builds and ebbs like good prog should, with the technical proficiency that some other bands lack. The fact that no song is over 10 minutes long will also serve them well, too many people think they have to write 25 minute plus symphonies. Truth is most people loose interest if the songs are too long, this album has cross genre appeal which I think will work in the bands favour.

Whilst not perfect Tesseract are good, their album may not appeal to every metal fan but their cross market appeal should steer them well towards making a impact in the metal world. Not too self indulgent, would appeal to Dream Theatre fans.

Reviewer: Neurie
Track Listing

1. Lament
2. Nascent
3. Acceptance - Concealing Fate Part One
4. Deception - Concealing Fate Part Two
5. The Impossible - Concealing Fate Part Three
6. Perfection - Concealing Fate Part Four
7. Epiphany - Concealing Fate Part Five
8. Origin - Concealing Fate Part Six
9. Sunrise
10. April
11. Eden


Vocals - Daniel Tompkins
Guitar - Acle Kahney
Guitar - James Moneith
Bass and Vocals - Amos Williams
Drums - Jay Postones



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