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Terra Nova
Come Alive
October 2010
Released: 2010, Frontiers Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s been five years since the last Terra Nova album ESCAPE, but well worth the wait. These melodic metallers from Holland have been cranking it out for over 10 years and this is album number five. While not exactly a house-hold name, they should be because this is some seriously kick-ass, world-class melodic Hard Rock/Metal.

Terra Nova are not afraid to use keyboards, (lots of keyboards!) and there are many different tones and accents on COME ALIVE. The keys while bold and upfront never over-shadow the guitars which drive along with grit and crunch. There could have been a bit soloing in the songs but there is a good balance overall between keys and guitars. Paul Hendrix leads the charge with his clear, loud and powerful vocals upfront in the mix. He reminds me a bit of later-era Tobias Sammet and Ted Poley. His smooth and passionate style translates well overtop of these well-structured songs. There are also some instances of the classic ‘gang-vocals’ with good sing-along parts to engage the listener. The crystal clear production helps bring everything to the fore.

The mid-tempo rockers and ballads have ‘hit’ written all over them. The lyrics are fairly standard, broken hearted tunes of love, loss and rock ‘n’ roll and so on. ‘Here Comes The Night’ could easily fit on a Journey album for instance. The song ‘Those Eyes’ is complete with acoustic piano, harmonized backing vocals, and big drum-fills, and dashes of keyboards all swell to the huge mandatory, sing-along chorus…it’s a thing of beauty, the power ballad extraordinaire! I've been singing 'Who Can You Count On' for days as it's catchy chorus sticks in the brain.

I appreciate bands like Terra Nova that take their influences from the 80’s, have developed them through the 90’s, when this style of music was not as commercially popular, and forge on into the next decades without much though for trends. These bands truly are the heart and spirit of modern rock, faithful to the classic sound. Terra Nova can easily hold their own with the likes of Danger, Danger Takara, Harem Scarem, Place Vendome and Pride Of Lions. Let’s hope the band can build on the momentum of this high quality record and it won’t be another five years until the next one!
Track Listing

1. Come Alive
2. Fighting Yourself
3. Holy Grail
4. Here Comes The Night
5. Those Eyes
6. Under Pressure
7. Do Or Die
8. Who Can You Count On?
9. My Own Way
10. The Final Curtain


Fred Hendrix-Vocals
Gesuino Derosas-Guitar
Eric Coene-Bass
Ron Hendrix-Keybaords
Lars Beuving-Drums

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