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Terigi Simone
Rock Meditations
December 2012
Released: 2011, Simone Terigi
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Back in July of 2011, I reviewed Lucid Dream’s VISIONS FROM COSMOS 11 and quickly came to appreciate the fluid and tasteful guitar playing of band leader Terigi Simone. Fast forward to 2012, and Simone has released a solo album called ROCK MEDITATIONS. The album title is one of those rare instances that accurately describe the music within. ROCK MEDITATIONS definitely qualifies as introspective and contemplative music, best experienced in peace and solitude.

ROCK MEDITATIONS is solely an instrumental album, and thus not something I usually invest much time in. I can handle pieces of instrumental music, but I eventually find myself pining for vocals that will never emerge. That personal bias aside, Terigi has really unveiled the full arsenal here. We have ethereal clean passages, blended with emotional and expressive guitar solos. Acoustic guitars are interspersed tastefully, Terigi equally adept at unplugging and picking up the mandolin as well as the electric axe. Album opener “Sea Notes” is unquestionably the signature track, but each song has something worthwhile to offer, particularly the inspired soloing on “The Bells of Awakening”. Terigi has that intangible smooth quality that other great guitarist like Eric Johnson possess, where the notes sound like they are flowing and fluid. The playing is so clean that the distortion is barely noticeable, each note shining through.

Much like Jim Matheos’s acoustic solo albums, the cold water shock of this album’s lighter shades might be too difficult to overcome for some Lucid Dream fans. As the album title implies, this ain’t all that heavy, and so the album’s fan base is likely to be relegated to a small niche that occasionally appreciates mellow instrumental albums along with their daily dose of crunch. Unquestionably, Simone Terigi is a fine guitarist, and even if this album is not your cup of tea, definitely seek out his band Lucid Dream. This one is recommended for fans of Jim Matheos’s acoustic solo albums, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson.
Track Listing

1. Sea Notes

2. The Bells Of Awakening

3. Lardee

4. Astral Memories

5. The Heart's Home

6. Into The Future

7. Destiny


Simone Terigi – Guitars, mandolin

Nicola Paoli - Cello

Davide Zalaffi – Percussions

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