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Her Halo
November 2015
Released: 2015, Nightmare Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Since returning to the metal scene in 2012 after an absence of nearly 15 years, Australian progressive metallers Teramaze have been making up for lost time; HER HALO is the band’s third album release in four years! What’s even more impressive is that since 2012’s ANHEDONIA, the entire band has changed around core member & guitarist Dean Wells. In fact, only drummer Dean Kennedy is left from the lineup that recorded 2014’s ESOTERIC SYMBOLISM, and he was new to the band at that time! Given how much effort it takes to write and record high quality albums, I have to tip my hat to Wells’ energy to keep an ever-changing band going.

That said, musically, HER HALO continues in the thinking-man’s progressive metal style of Teramaze’s previous albums, if perhaps a bit more peppered with hooks and memorable choruses. Certainly, new vocalist Nathan Peachey is a clarion-clear singer that emotes incredibly well, more so than the departed Brett Rerekura’s more acquired taste style. As for the music, with hindsight being what it is, I perhaps rated ANHEDONIA a little bit high as HER HALO is head and shoulders better. As a listening experience, this album flows perfectly through each track as the band really takes you on a journey from the 12+ minute opening cut, through thunderous metallizer “For the Innocent”, and enjoyable ballad “Broken”. Kudos to the band as well for writing an instrumental that I actually enjoy (“Trapeze”)!

At this point in their career, the band’s thrash roots are all but gone, having been replaced by a more traditional heavy metal style that is actually a better compliment to the twisty progressive metal that is the band’s base. And where previous albums could be dense and difficult to assimilate, HER HALO is the band’s most effortlessly enjoyable album yet. I love the fact that twenty years into their career, Teramaze is releasing the best music of their career.
Track Listing

1) An Ordinary Dream (Enla Momento)
2) To Love a Tyrant
3) Her Halo
4) Out of Subconscious
5) For the Innocent
6) Trapeze
7) Broken
8) Delusions of Grandeur


Nathan Peachey: Vocals
Dean Wells: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Luis Eguren: Bass
Dean Kennedy: Drums



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